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Multiple Positions Now Searchable in PFR’s Player Game Finder

Posted by Alex Bonilla on October 31, 2018

Pro-Football-Reference's set of Play Index tools includes a Player Game Finder that is able to do many kinds of searches for single-game performances. One of the filters you're able to use in the Player Game Finder is position, which is available at the single-game level back to 1999. Previously you were only able to search for one position at a time, but now we've instituted the same checkbox system used by the Player Season Finder so that you can search across multiple positions at a time.

An example of a search that is now possible is games in which an offensive lineman or defensive player got a receiving touchdown. Leonard Wester in Week 14 of 2017 was the most recent player, and frequent end zone visitors like Donald Penn and J.J. Watt also show up in the search.

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