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Searching for Quarter-by-Quarter Scoring Breakdowns on PFR

Posted by Alex Bonilla on August 28, 2018

With Pro-Football-Reference's Team Game Finder, you can search for various scoring breakdowns such as most points scored in the first quarter, or scoring margins through a given number of quarters. We have now gotten the Team Game Finder to also search for scoring margins concentrated to a single quarter, as well as second half scoring margins.

One example of a search that's now possible with the Team Game Finder is scoring margin in the third quarter over the course of a full season. Doing that for 2017, it stands out that the 2017 Tennessee Titans were fifth-best in the league in third quarter scoring margin at +42, especially when juxtaposed with a terrible -53 fourth quarter margin.

One example of a newly possible second half scoring margin search involves the 2017 Seattle Seahawks, who were well-known for starting off slow and turning it on after halftime, to the tune of a -53 first half margin and a +87 second half margin. Looking for other -50/+50 combos in NFL history, you can see even more disparate offenses such as the 1989 Green Bay Packers who finished 10-6 thanks to a +92 second half scoring margin, in spite of their -89 margin in the first half of games.

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