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Hockey-Reference Adds NHL Game Logs Back to 1917-18

Posted by Alex Bonilla on April 26, 2018

In a huge addition, we at Hockey-Reference are glad to announce that we now have all NHL regular season box scores available back to the beginning of the NHL, the 1917-18 season. With this, we can now fill out the gamelogs section of many great players' careers. For example, you can now go through Wayne Gretzky's incredible 1985-86 season where he recorded a point in all but 3 games. Or you could go find Bobby Orr's 1970-71 season when he finished with a career high 139 points.

All of these game logs are also searchable on our Play Index now, which is also a great new asset to have. Searching for most penalty minutes by one team in a game now displays both teams in the famous 1981 Bruins-North Stars brawl game; the North Stars held the record until the Flyers broke it in a 2004 game against the Senators. Looking for most goals by a player in a game will now lead you to Joe Malone's record day in 1920, when he scored seven for Quebec in what ended up being a 10-6 victory over the Toronto St. Patricks. We should put a reminder that there are some categories, such as saves and shots against, that were not recorded in the earlier days of the league.

So now there's a lot more history to dig through, and we hope you enjoy our presentation of the "new" box scores! Please note that, in some cases, older box scores are lacking times for penalties and/or goals. Also, as a result of this new data, some long-established season totals no longer add up. This is something we plan on addressing shortly. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

10 Responses to “Hockey-Reference Adds NHL Game Logs Back to 1917-18”

  1. Matt Says:

    I went to Mario Lemieux's page and his game logs only go back to 1987-88.........why?

  2. Disgruntled Flames Fan Says:

    Guys, this is fantastic news! Hats off to everyone involved here for this major undertaking. I remember 5 years ago where is was nearly impossible to easily access any form of historic NHL box score. One thing I've always been curious about is where are you guys sourcing these 'complete' box scores from? I say 'complete' because if you open up a Hockey News from any point in the 80s, I don't believe they actually listed penalties; in other words you would see Probert (Major) or Gilmour (Minor) as opposed to Probert (Fighting) and Gilmour (Slashing).

    Regardless, fantastic news, and I cannot wait to see what Hockey Reference has in store down the road.

  3. Alex Bonilla Says:

    @Matt, we have added links to his previous game logs. Other players who did not appear in the playoffs before 1987-88 will get their links added by Monday.

  4. Robert Visser Says:

    Great to see that you have now updated your records to match those posted on last fall.

  5. Claude P. Says:

    Those numbers are fantastic... I must have made 100+ queries since they've been online... But all the pre-1987 boxscores have disapeared since last night. And Player Game Finder doesn't cover anything pre-1987 either. What's going on?

  6. Paul Kruse Says:

    Same--not seeing the Pre '88 Game Logs either. General maintenance maybe?

  7. Greg Ralls Says:

    I'm not seeing the game logs before 1987-88 yet, but this is great news!

  8. Ronnie Stern Says:

    Hi guys--any update here? Seems like all the pre 87-88 game log and box score data has been missing for a few weeks now.

  9. Matt Says:

    Fellas...been a few weeks now that game logs prior to 1987-88 were active and up and running......what happened? Any updates on the matter as to why they are gone now?


  10. Greg Ralls Says:

    Neither the "1981 Bruins-North Stars brawl game" nor the Joe Malone "10-6 victory over the Toronto St. Patricks" links lead to anything meaningful.