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Video: Sports-Reference Table Tips and Tricks

Posted by Jonah Gardner on April 25, 2017

We're pleased to announce the newest video in our series showing how to get the most out of our websites. Today's video is all about the stat tables themselves. We've programmed several ways for the site to reorganize and add up stats on the tables for you, just by clicking a button or two. However, many users don't realize these hacks exist. Hopefully, this video will save you some time and also illustrate how to answer questions like "What was Bryce Harper's OPS over his last 10 games"

3 Responses to “Video: Sports-Reference Table Tips and Tricks”

  1. Mark Says:

    Mostly unrelated to the tips described above (which do seem useful), but is there an ETA on the environment-neutral stat table section on baseball-reference?

  2. Jonah Gardner Says:

    Mark, I don't have a firm ETA for you, but we're very close to having it ready, so it should be coming back pretty soon

  3. Mark Says:

    Thank you for the quick response and the good news!