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2017 NFL Draft Features

Posted by Mike Lynch on April 27, 2017

With the NFL Draft kicking off Thursday night, now might be a good time to point out all the draft resources we have available at Pro Football Reference. You can check out:

>>>Top 2017 NFL Draft prospects, along with links to their college stats on our sister site College Football Reference.

>>>The 2017 NFL Draft Preview which includes the current draft order and features a look at past picks at each slot, best picks at that spot, and the average value that pick has produced over the years.

>>>The draft trade value chart, showing which picks each team has and their values based on the Jimmy Johnson draft point system

>>>Our draft play index tool, which can help you break down the draft using customizable criteria - want to find first round linebackers since 1970?

>>>Our trade finder tool which has trade data since 1994 - use it to find stuff like all top-2 picks traded since 1994.

>>>We have full team draft histories as well as year-by-year draft listings since 1936.

>>>We also have yearly breakdowns of drafts by positions picked. This chart also shows Approximate Value for players picked, so you can compare draft strengths.

>>>And we have results from the NFL Draft Combine and Pro Days back to 2000. You can run customized searches like best 40 time by a QB or just look at lists of results for a particular draft.


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