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B-R Redesign Update March 9, 2017

Posted by sean on March 9, 2017

I want to give a short update as to where the new redesign stands. We have fixed we believe all of the bugs (that didn't already exist) in the play index. There are a few open issues in the register section. We have incorporated many of the suggested changes to the site from users who were experiencing issues.

Open issues

  • The register has a few open bugs
  • The in memoriam is not yet showing our non-players
  • There are a few bullpen style and administrative issues.
  • There appear some issues relating to Internet Explorer hanging in a way we can't reproduce.
  • We are working on publishing the 2017 spring training stats, the projections, and the foreign leagues already underway.

We are working through all of these and expect to be 100% ready to go on Opening Day.

26 Responses to “B-R Redesign Update March 9, 2017”

  1. J Thaler Says:

    If it ain't broke too bad, don't make it worse.  Sorry guys, your tinkering has made it harder for me to access old  box scores and the obits seem to have remained unchanged for too long.  These are just some of the issues I've found.  
    I am glad I haven't gotten rid of my old Cohen-Senft Encyclopedias.  Please resolve the bugs issue ASAP.



  2. Nick B. Says:

    When will legacy page sponsorships come back?

  3. Mike Lynch Says:

    The legacy page sponsorships should still be there...if you see one missing, please send us a note to

  4. Lee Roberts Says:

    One of the cooler aspects of the old design was your link on each player page to the uniforms they had worn throughout their careers, based on I believe the Okkonen work with the Hall of Fame. Why did that go away? Or where have you hidden it? Thanks for a great website.

  5. John Beisner Says:

    Loved the Random Page button -- can't find it now. Wherever it is, can you put it prominently on the top half of the main page; maybe between Play Index & Full Site Menu Below? That would be a great place for it.

  6. John Beisner Says:

    Might have found a weird glitch -- why does Von Hayes have "Hide Partial Rows"? Was never traded mid-season, and when you click it removes a shaded "divider bar" down below in his career totals sub-category breakdowns. Just FYI...

  7. Mike Lynch Says:

    We've been able to re-add the Automatic Excel Export feature:

  8. Doug Says:

    Where can we now find the home run logs for players?

  9. Simon Says:

    Thanks a lot for adding the "Next" and "Prev" buttons to the play-by-play. Just clicked through a game and it worked beautifully!

  10. John Beisner Says:

    Ugh -- trying not to be too bitchy, but you guys are really going backwards in some respects. Now the 1st game & last game have been eliminated from a player's front page & buried somewhere else, presumably. Yet you allocate a "Career Summary" above the stat lines which (in most cases) is completely redundant and the same info can be seen below the stat lines without even scrolling down the page. Once again, sorry...but who vetted this idea?

  11. John Beisner Says:

    OK -- I guess ignore last post. Why does Cesar Cedeno still show the info I want to see at a glance (such as debut, last game, etc), while Johnny Damon, Yaz don't? And Disco Dan Ford didn't show it 20 minutes ago, but now he does.... OK, wait...maybe I've stumbled onto a glitch here. Open Dan Ford & scroll down to his transactions. Find pitcher Jeff Schneider that was once in a Ford transaction. Right-click on him & open in new tab. Basic info is denuded (no debut, no last gm, etc) as I complained about in above post. But if I go into my Firefox history & go to Schneider from about 20 minutes ago, all the basic info is there as it was pre site-change. In both cases, addy is Same for Disco Dan -- earlier I clicked on him from your main pg group of 12 pics (denuded); now I click on him from F-Fox history (additional info shows). In each case addy is what's up? There's definitely a repeatable pattern...Steve Hamilton (ex-NYY pitcher) click on the pic in group of 12 shows populated main info, while a right-click and "open in new tab" shows denuded info. Same addy of Is this a BBRef glitch? A F-Fox glitch?

  12. Joe Says:

    Hey John Beisner, ugh -- trying not to be too bitchy, but what you wrote is not even true. 

  13. John Beisner Says:

    Sorry you can only read one post at a time Joe - must be limiting.

  14. Mike Lynch Says:

    On player pages, there is a tab that says "Finders and Advanced Stats"

    If you hover over that, you'll see Home Run Log in the dropdown

  15. sean Says:


    The issue you found should be corrected now. A little hard to explain, but it wasn't showing up on chrome in our tests and was only happening in a specific set of cases.

    Thank you for reporting it.


  16. John Beisner Says:

    Sean -- thanks for following up & fixing it. Appreciate it.

  17. Ken Says:

    The fielding statistics for outfielders prior to 1914 used to include a stat expressed as (for example) 14-97-29, where 14 is the number of games played in left field, 97 the number in center field, and 29 the number in right field. Presumably, there was some uncertainty about these figures; for the later seasons the precise outfield position is indicated in the "position" column (rather than "OF"). Other stats from the early years are estimated, though; please bring back the pre-1914 outfield position stat.

  18. Ken Says:

    I see that the pre-1914 outfield position stats have been restored. Thank you!

  19. Mike Lynch Says:

    No problem. Thanks for pointing out!

  20. Ken Says:

    I just noticed that when you restored the outfield position stats, the data on innings played at each position was lost. (I had just yesterday been looking at some of this data for 1903.) RF/9 stats were also lost (presumably because the data on innings was lost).

  21. sean Says:

    I think you are mistaken. We've never had Innings in the fielding tables for non-pitchers prior to 1950. Our play-by-play doesn't really cover seasons prior to 1950.

  22. Ken Says:

    It was just two days ago--I was looking at the 1903 Highlanders' use of left-handed infielders. Willie Keeler played 4 games at third base, and his stats indicated that he had played, I recall, 32 innings there, suggesting he had started those games at third. Lefty Davis played one game at shortstop, and his stats indicated that he had played one or two innings, suggesting that he was a late-inning replacement.

    I have no way of knowing if the stats were correct, but they were there.

  23. sean Says:

    Turns out we did have it. Our provider included for a bit and then removed it. We will discuss with them. We aren't really sure how that data could have been compiled.

  24. John Beisner Says:

    Hi Sean. Might as well chime in again asking for the random-page symbol (can't remember what the symbol was -- infinity?) to be added to the top half of *every* BR page. I used this constantly -- and I imagine others used it often as well. The symbol itself is so small there should be no problem in placing it in the top portion of any BR page, so no down-scrolling would be required to find it. I would like to suggest two improvements over the previous iteration,, that it be present on *every* page (earlier it was on maybe 25-33 % of pages, so you had to dig into the menu to find the next click on the remainder of the pages); and two...that you include *every* BR page as a possible destination. Earlier, for instance, the only box scores that seemed to come up were from reg-season 2009, or post-season boxes. I would like nothing better than to have random boxes appear from every season that you have them.

  25. Ken Says:

    The innings data is back in the fielding stats! Thanks again!

  26. Ken Says:

    The innings data has disappeared again from the fielding stats. Why is this happening?