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New Box Scores and Play-By-Plays Added to Baseball Reference

Posted by Mike Lynch on March 1, 2016

Thanks to the efforts of our friends at Retrosheet, we have added box scores for the 1913 MLB season to Baseball Reference. Additionally, we have added play-by-play for games as far back as 1930. Before this update, our oldest play-by-plays went back to 1938. In addition to the boxes and PBPs themselves, this update allows for a variety of new information searchable in the play index, as well as new rows of information in team/player/league statistics tables.

Here's a quick breakdown of the data coverage for the Play-By-Plays we've added from 1930 to 1937:

  • 1930 - 77% of games
  • 1931 - 82% of games
  • 1932 - 75% of games
  • 1933 - 81% of games
  • 1934 - 72% of games
  • 1935 - 71% of games
  • 1936 - 65% of games
  • 1937 - 82% of games

And here are some examples of some of the new information/searches available on the site:

We're very excited about these new additions and hope you enjoy them, as well. Please let us know if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

And thanks again to Retrosheet!

4 Responses to “New Box Scores and Play-By-Plays Added to Baseball Reference”

  1. Eric Says:

    Thank you, BBREF and Retrosheet! This is really cool!

    Will this information be integrated into WAR for individual players? It doesn't look like it has been as I look at player pages for Bob Johnson and Ernie Lombardi. It seems like rdp, rBaser, and rfield (especially for outfield arms) would change based on the new PBP information?

    Thanks again!


  2. Mike Lynch Says:

    Hi Eric,

    Currently the PBP is only integrated into WAR calcs back to 1948, due to a lack of sufficient PBP data in the mid-40s. So no changes to the older WAR values with this update


  3. Chihaya Tomita Says:


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    My question is whether my access capability is automatically renewed or not without requiring any further action by me.

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  4. Mike Lynch Says:

    You should be all set through 3/8/17 now. Thanks for your renewal!