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Get Hockey Player Stats for any Range of Games

Posted by Adam Wodon on March 9, 2015

Hockey Reference has added a feature popular with some of the other sites in the Sports Reference family.

Now, if you go to a player's Game Logs page, you can click two different rows and get cumulative statistics for that player just within that range.

For example, from any player's page, click the "Game Logs" tab. That will show the player's game-by-game statistics for the given season. Click on one game, then click on another. A window will pop up showing the player's cumulative statistics in that span.

This is handy for all sorts of purposes. Please let us know if you have any questions or additional feedback about this tool.

2 Responses to “Get Hockey Player Stats for any Range of Games”

  1. Eric Hornick Says:


    Thanks Adam!

  2. Scott Says:

    Anyone know how many shots Brodeur faced each season in his career (reg season/playoffs if available) VS his contemporaries of the playing-time period. While Marty owns numerous records, someone said he faced significantly less shots as well.