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First Downs Added to Team Game Finder

Posted by Mike Lynch on November 26, 2014

We just wanted to quickly note that we have added First Downs (for & against) as a search criteria in the Team Game Finder. Additionally, we have added breakdowns for First Downs by rushing, passing & penalties since 1999 (total First Downs are complete back to 1940). Here's a few examples of these new searches:

These searches are just the tip of the iceberg here and we encourage users to dig in.

2 Responses to “First Downs Added to Team Game Finder”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Thanks Mike. Can you please add "Combined First Downs" as an option too. The record in a game being 64 in the SEA vs. KC game in 2002.

    I also like how you have "Since 1999" listed beside the options for Rushing, Passing and Penalties by First Down. Could you please add "Since 1983" beside the "Time of Possession" option?

  2. dave d Says:

    You guys need a combined points per quarter and per half option.