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Team Average Age by TOI

Posted by Hans Van Slooten on June 10, 2014

We've added a feature to the league and team year pages that allow you to see the average age of team. It is weighted by time on ice, since we feel that is the most accurate representation of the team's "age."

To see this, simply go to either a league or team year page and scroll down to the stats section.

On a league year page it will look like this:


On a team year page, it will look like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 3.05.14 PM

As always, we welcome any feedback.

2 Responses to “Team Average Age by TOI”

  1. granville w. ghost, esq. Says:

    I apologize, but really: your site just gave me a modal window that also turned all the text white and warned me about blocking ads.

    I don't -- and have never -- blocked ads. I'm using Chrome, and the only add-ons I even have that aren't factory-installed is one to allow more bookmarks on the home page and a youtube script to change the colors to black.

    Just seems like you'd want to know that you're scolding people who aren't doing anything wrong. :(

  2. sean Says:


    We are sorry you got this note. Can you tell us what page this appeared on? We may have a bug.