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Game Lengths Added to Team Game Finder –

Posted by sean on June 18, 2014

On the Play Index Team Game finders you can now search on game lengths in minutes. For instance, the Red Sox and Diamondbacks both played 13 four hour games last year.

And Here are the four hour games by season

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5 Responses to “Game Lengths Added to Team Game Finder –”

  1. Diane Firstman Says:


  2. Al Says:

    This is awesome and something I have been hoping for, for several years!

    One comment. When searching "all teams" for games of a specific length (say, under two hours, which is what I tried), you get a result that includes BOTH teams for every game in the search. Example:

    Could this possibly be adjusted to eliminate the duplicates?

  3. sean Says:

    @2, just choose the home team.

  4. Chuck Hildebrandt Says:

    Send the results of the sample query to Bud Selig.

  5. dave d Says:

    September 2, 1942
    10 inning game lasts 19 hours 10 minutes!

    gotta be a story behind that...