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Team Positional Comparison Tool–in our opinion it’s pretty cool –

Posted by sean on May 30, 2014

Positional differences and performance by position are interesting ways to look at team performance. For instance as Phillies fan I know that CF and LF are hurting the Phillies, but just how much are they hurting relative to the league. This tool answers that question and many many more. (answer: a whole lot of hurt)

You select a year, the league and a stat, and we rank every team at each position by that stat and in some cases a summary of positions. This uses our positional splits to allot stats to positions or in some cases a prorated assignment of WAR and related stats by time played at each position. Now in one table you can see the worst or best team-positions in baseball.

There are some additional tools that allow you to highlight a particular team and mousing over a table cell informs you the players involved in producing that value.

I like this output so much I've also added it to our base league pages just below the pitching stats.

2014 AL League page

Team Comparison Tool -

6 Responses to “Team Positional Comparison Tool–in our opinion it’s pretty cool –”

  1. Dr. Doom Says:

    That's pretty awesome, Sean. I don't know how you guys keep coming up with ways to make this site even awesome-r, but I love it!

  2. sabrsteve Says:

    What the Dr. said!!

  3. Norman Morrow Says:

    Awesome! Reminds me of the first time I saw the green grass of a big league stadium!

  4. jose belliard Says:



  5. topper009 Says:

    So, can I find the teams with all 8 positions players above average? I think Bill James talked a little bit about this subject and said there really has never been such a team

  6. Ken S. Says:

    This is VERY cool! I love being able to highlight a single team to see at a glance its strengths and weaknesses. Another great feature is the mousing over a cell to get the player breakdown, especially for earlier years when memory is not so good.