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Improved Team Game Finders for the Playoffs

Posted by David Corby on April 17, 2014

Just in time for the playoffs we've added some new functionality to our Team Game Finder search tool. In particular, you can search for playoff games by team and opponent seed, and also series best-of format.

Search for all Game 1 opening-round 8-seed wins vs. top-seeded opponents in the modern playoff era, or find out how well 1-seeds have fared in decisive game 7s during that same period (26-4!)

We have seeds going back to the BAA playoffs, and also for the ABA. The NBA has employed several playoff formats in its history - including some complex ones with divisional seeds and re-seeding schemes, though it's been pretty stable since 1984 when it inaugurated the 16-team format. Nonetheless, if you know what you're searching for, we have all games and all seeds going back to 1947.

As always, you can get to our Team Game Finder by clicking on Play Index in the top left corner of any page on our site, and then Team Game Finder. Here's what's new...





4 Responses to “Improved Team Game Finders for the Playoffs”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Thanks again David, another welcome addition.

    One thing I have requested before and which would seem to be not too difficult, is on the Team Streak Finder to have the option to select Overtime games. Example - What are the longest winning and losing streaks in OT games, in the Regular Season or Playoffs? This would be much appreciated.

  2. Michael Says:

    A little OT, but why are values in the team in the game log page much different from the values in the team roster page? For example, when you click on Miami, the main page says they had a 110.9 Offensive rating. When you go to their team game log and sum up their whole season stats, they have a 112.0 Offensive rating. Why the discrepancy?

  3. David Corby Says:

    @Mark - Agreed, I don't think that will be too difficult. I'll take a look this week and see whether I can add it.

  4. David Corby Says:

    @Michael - Possession-based stats like ORtg and DRtg are going to be different when you sum the gamelogs.

    The reason is that our gamelogs don't include team turnovers, i.e. turnovers not attributed to a player - and tovs (and opponent tovs) are a component of our possessions calculation.

    There used to be a note above the gamelogs to this point. I don't know why it disappeared, but I'll be sure to add it back.