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Age Relative to League Added to Minors Player Pages –

Posted by sean on April 15, 2014

Example: Jesse Biddle Minor League Statistics & History -

We've had the league ages available for a long time now, but a user feature request pointed out to me that it would be useful to have this on the actual player pages as age is probably a prospect's most important stat.

You'll see the difference between their age and the league avg right next to the column with their age.

Screenshot 2014-04-15 14.53.24

4 Responses to “Age Relative to League Added to Minors Player Pages –”

  1. Eric Chalek Says:

    Sean, this reminds me of another minor league player page feature that I've wondered about. A "Relatives" entry that links minor leaguers to major leaguers and other minor leaguers, just like the one on the MLB player pages.

    I've wondered, for example, if the minor league John Olerud is a father or uncle of the major league one.

  2. obsessivegiantscompulsive Says:

    Great addition! Can't wait to dive into the minor league stats!

  3. MikeD Says: if a player is showing he's 2.5 years younger on June 19, and his birthday is on June 20th, does he immediately fall to 1.5 years younger the next day, or is the years relative to the league age based on his xx-age season? I believe June 30th is the cut off for determining a player's "age season."

  4. sean Says:

    @3, it's based on everyone's seasonal ages, so they are 20 for the whole year if that is their June 30th age.