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New to BBR: Shooting Tables on Player Pages

Posted by David Corby on February 25, 2014

Today we added a shooting stats table to all of our player pages. The data goes back to the 2000-01 season and will be updated daily during the current season, as well.




The main features include a breakdown of field-goal attempts by type (2P, 3P) and distance (0-3, 3-10, etc.) so you can easily see how often a player gets to the rim, or tends to settle for low-efficiency two point attempts. As an example, Lebron is getting to the rim on 40% of his attempts this season, his highest percentage ever. He's also taking fewer than 20% of his shots from 16+ feet and inside the 3-point line.


We also added the % of each field goal type that is assisted, as well as totals for dunks, corners 3s, and heaves (which we define as beyond half-court). DeAndre Jordan is currently out-dunking Dwight Howard 167 to 148 - over 80% of Jordan's shot attempts are within 3 feet of the basket.

Another extreme case is PJ Tucker, who takes over 85% of his 3-pt attempts from the corner, which you can see on our player shooting charts...





3 Responses to “New to BBR: Shooting Tables on Player Pages”

  1. Ravenred Says:

    Very nice. Any chance you can add volume-by-range as well?

  2. Ravenred Says:

    (the % of FGA is functional, but it just makes calculating ppg per area on floor a bit finnicky to calculate)

  3. David Corby Says:

    @Ravenred. No plans to add volume & points to the tables but it would be a good addition to the shot finder tool - - since we do have the data to add that.