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New and Improved Basketball Team Gamelogs

Posted by David Corby on February 12, 2014

We recently enhanced our Basketball Reference team gamelogs to show more and better information, including basic rate statistics like FG%, 3P%, and FT%. We've also added advanced team gamelogs per the recommendation of users. These include offensive rating and defensive ratings, and rate stats such as 3-Pt Attempt Rate, Total Rebound %, and also the Four Factors (eFG%, TOV%, DRB%, FT/FGA) for offense and defense.



Click over to our College Basketball site and you'll find the same features. Notice that team gamelogs are new to our college site, and we've made them available going back to the 2010-2011 season (including the advanced versions)

For Basketball Reference, we hope you enjoy some advanced features that we've enabled, too. As always, you can share or embed the table by clicking on the red text and following the simple instructions, but here are a couple extra tricks...

  • Click on the red game number to get cumulative team stats as of that date:



  • Click on one row, and then another, to get the team's per-game statistics for all games in that range:

3 Responses to “New and Improved Basketball Team Gamelogs”

  1. Jason J Says:

    Excellent stuff! The ability to average specific segments of the season that way could really come in handy and save a lot of time. Thanks for the hard work!

  2. Timmy Pea Says:

    Hey did you know that former Utah Jazz player Bart Kofeod's brother was a CSI in Omaha and was convicted of a felony for fabricating evidence? It's true.

  3. Daniel M Says:

    Excellent, excellent additions. I've wanted to see the advanced game logs for a long time.