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Job: User Affairs Coordinator @ Sports Reference

Posted by sean on January 6, 2014

User Affairs Coordinator @ Sports Reference.

Yes, we'll pay you money to spend all day answering questions about sports. Please pass along this job ad to anyone you might think would be interested.

5 Responses to “Job: User Affairs Coordinator @ Sports Reference”

  1. Timmy Pea Says:

    Good on Ken Gurnick. I think you are seeing a backlash aginst SABRmeters. I think the advanced stats are interesting but it's become like newspeak in 1984. The viciousness in which the newstat/newspeak community goes after someone that doesn't tow the line is outrageous.

  2. Krystian Michalak Says:

    Hey there, I'm certainly interested in the position.

    Where may I email a resume?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. sean Says:


    See the link above the paragraph.

  4. Dustin Says:

    I know about baseball stats, but nothing about football or basketball. Would it be worth my time to work up a resume? I enjoy my current job but I think I may like this better if I'm qualified.

    Thank You,

  5. Scott Says:

    Hey I am interested in this job where can I email my resume?