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Added Temperature to Team Game Finder

Posted by Mike on December 10, 2013

Since it's a frequent request & the mercury is dipping ever downward, today I've added temperature as an option to the team game finder. You can search for the best records in sub-10 degree temperatures or even performance in hot games. Look for this to show up on the player game finder soon as well, to help stoke the debate about cold weather performance.

Temperature data from before 1999 is local to the airport nearest the stadium site (as detailed in this blog post) and from 1999 on is from gamebook data directly. Note that temperature is only recorded for games outdoors, so you may want to select "Outdoors" as the stadium type before trying a temperature search.

3 Responses to “Added Temperature to Team Game Finder”

  1. James Says:

    Will you add wind speed and wind chill to the game finders?

  2. Jason Winter Says:

    Getting a lot of NULL results cluttering up the data, like this search for 49ers games in freezing (< 32) weather:

  3. Jason Winter Says:

    Whoops, added Outdoors as an option and it fixed all that up.

    However, looking at the Vikings in such games, I see that this game isn't on the list:

    That was the home game played outdoors at the Gophers' stadium because of the Metrodome collapse (and also Brett Favre's last). Listed temp is 23 degrees.