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Grand Slams with 4 Pitchers Receiving Earned Runs

Posted by admin on October 14, 2013

Last night's Ortiz Grand Slam was the first in the postseason and 8th time in the RetroSheet canon (but probably overall) that four pitchers received earned runs on one play.

| game_id      | result_batter | batting_team_id | pitching_team_id | event_text           | home      | first     | second    | third     |
| BOS201310130 | ortizda01     | BOS             | DET              | HR/9/L9D.3-H;2-H;1-H | benoijo01 | albural01 | smylydr01 | verasjo01 |
| game_id      | result_batter | batting_team_id | pitching_team_id | event_text              | home      | first     | second    | third     |
| MIN196107041 | becquju01     | MIN             | CHW              | HR/9D.3-H;2-H;1-H       | hackewa02 | baumafr01 | kemmeru01 | piercbi02 |
| SEA198208060 | jacksre01     | CAL             | SEA              | HR/9.3-H;2-H;1-H        | vandeed01 | stantmi01 | anderla02 | bannifl01 |
| DET198307100 | parrila02     | DET             | OAK              | HR/7.3-H(UR);2-H;1-H    | jonesje01 | beardda01 | burgmto01 | codirch01 |
| SFN198709200 | esaskni01     | CIN             | SFG              | HR/7D.3-H;2-H;1-H       | perlmjo01 | leffecr01 | downske01 | robindo01 |
| SEA198805060 | sheripa01     | DET             | SEA              | HR/9.3-H;2-H;1-H        | jacksmi02 | solanju01 | powelde01 | mooremi01 |
| SDN200109010 | lankfra01     | SDP             | ARI              | HR/89.3-H;2-H;1-H       | kimby01   | sabeler01 | knotter01 | batismi01 |
| LAN200410020 | finlest01     | LAD             | SFG              | HR/89/F.3-H;2-H(UR);1-H | frankwa01 | hergema01 | chrisja01 | hermadu01 |

6 Responses to “Grand Slams with 4 Pitchers Receiving Earned Runs”

  1. BobR Says:

    I assume the (UR) notations in the Event_Text field indicate Unearned Runs. If that's the case than the Lance Parrish and Steve Finley slams would not qualify as "4 pitchers receiving EARNED runs".

  2. admin Says:

    You are correct. I should have checked that more carefully.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Is there a play where 4 pitchers have recieved unearned runs? If there has been, there is only one way it could happen, right?

  4. marty Says:

    If an error occurs which extends the inning, all runs after would be unearned whether the batters get on base through hits or errors

  5. Steve Says:

    The only way I know for the four pitchers to receive unearned runs would be for each of the first three pitchers to allow one runner on base each. Then, the fourth pitcher would come in, and with two outs, there would need to be a dropped foul ball resulting in an error. Following that would be the grand slam.

    There could be other situations where the pitching staff as a whole has four unearned runs put on it at once, but unearned runs for individual pitchers are based on when they enter the game (consider the situation as though no errors had transpired prior to their entering the game).

    I suppose one other situation might be this...
    Bases loaded, one out. Ground ball, force out at home; throw to first is dropped and batter is safe. Error extends the inning, but since runners were forced, those three on base are assigned one each to the previous pitchers. Grand slam follows -- 1 unearned run to each pitcher.

    How did I do?

  6. Donna Spencer Says:

    Ah, we all forget the 4 base error or multiple errors on the play. CF drops a fly ball near the wall in bigger park, runners are moving with two outs, ball skips away from CF who then recovers the ball and heaves a throw back to infield, relay throw to third to try and get batter; throw sails over everyone, batter scores on two errors.

    I personally believe that no matter what has transpired previously in the inning if the pitcher gives up a home run it is an earned run. The rules sometimes dilute the intent behind the stat. ERA is used extensively to measure pitching effectiveness.