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Vegas Line Pages Added

Posted by Neil on August 5, 2013

Recently, we've added Vegas line tables to our team-season pages, which include the spread & over/under of every game, and results straight-up, vs. the line, and vs. the over/under. (This is available for all teams since 1978.)

2 Responses to “Vegas Line Pages Added”

  1. deloris Says:

    jose talentino went to Seminole Oklahoma juco, NOT florida , also he went to asher high school ,in asher Oklahoma , I know for a fact I was friends with him, he was around my family a lot, and I hung out with him and soe of his friends, ask taco about fred flintstone, aka he will know, lol,

  2. Neil Says:

    Hi Deloris,

    Thanks for writing.

    In order to make an update to the data on the site, we require an independent, verifiable source that associates that information with the player in question.

    In such cases, materials which were published or produced during the person's career are helpful, such as newspaper clippings, scorecards and game programs, contracts or other administrative materials.

    We regret that we cannot use personal statements as the sole supporting information for an update.

    Proposed corrections, along with supporting documentation or citations, should be sent via email to the SABR Encyclopedia editors (

    Thanks for your help,