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Team Location Maps Added for Every Year of Minor & Major Leagues

Posted by admin on May 14, 2013

Sometimes it can be fun to see where the teams playing in a season are on a map. So we've added maps to the minor league year-by-year pages. The appear just below the league fielding stats down the page. Here is a breakout for 2013 teams.

Then you can go and compare that to the 1903 teams

3 Responses to “Team Location Maps Added for Every Year of Minor & Major Leagues”

  1. Cliff Otto Says:

    What would improve this immensely from my point-of-view would be having the ability to click on a location (ball club) and being able to get driving directions and road distances to another location (ball club). For the present clubs.

    That would help anyone who was trying to plan an itinerary that included new parks.

  2. Timmy Pea Says:

    Hello - For the birth place of Jim Thorpe, you have Oklahoma. That is actually not correct, he was born in Indian Territory in 1888. Oklahoma was not a territory until 1890 and not a state until 1907. Thanks!

  3. Calli Says:

    Nice work. This reminds me of this physical wall map: Baseball Wall Map which would make a great complement.