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New Drive Finder Play Index Tool

Posted by Mike on May 17, 2013

Today we're rolling out our newest PFR Play Index tool: the Drive Finder. Similar to the Play Finder tool, this will let you find drives for all types of game situations, featuring all drives from 2000-2012. We include a breakdown of average time, yards, plays, points, and even starting position so you can get an idea of the situation behind each drive. Did you know the 2012 Browns average drive started at their own 30.6 yard line with them trailing by 2.8 points? Well now you do! You can also find:

In addition, we have added drive breakdowns to all of the boxscore pages since 2000 which include summaries of offensive performance for each drive (look for the "Drives" section midway through the page above the full play-by-play). Now Patriots fans can relive both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

One Response to “New Drive Finder Play Index Tool”

  1. Dave D Says:

    Red headers (such as "all turnovers", "reset", or "under 2:00") don't work after a search. The whole page needs reloaded and goes back to to its original start-up look (erases all selections)