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Play Index Free Trial Through April 15

Posted by sean on March 11, 2013

Get ready for the baseball season with a free trial for the Play Index.

Visit the Play Index Subscription Page to create an account (if needed) and use the coupon code "Analytics" to get your free trial.

Only 20 days to opening day. Happy Baseball!

4 Responses to “Play Index Free Trial Through April 15”

  1. Dan P Says:

    This not working for anyone else? Have tried several times now, reset browser, etc.

  2. admin Says:

    Dan, what is your username?

  3. Joe Says:

    I cant receive an email to get verified. I have tried twice,

  4. Ignacio Says:

    I'm having problems with Play Index.
    I renew my anual suscription yesterday, I reset my browser, even try Explorer (ough) and nothing.
    My account show the $36 I paid via PayPal. But BR still ask me to login. Even when I'm already logged. And then, nothing.
    I even try using the promotion coupon (Analytics). It was the same.
    I'm in a hurry. I need Play Index in my job.
    Can you help me or give me an e-mail to explain this?
    My user name is ignacioserrano.
    Thanks a lot.