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Check Out Our College Basketball Site!

Posted by Neil on March 7, 2013

With March Madness coming up soon, here's a quick reminder to check out S-R/College Basketball, our college hoops site. It has all of the team ratings and player stats you need to help fill out your bracket this season, plus historical data (including scanned stat sheets going back to the 1940s) and a Play Index just for college basketball. Give it a try today!

3 Responses to “Check Out Our College Basketball Site!”

  1. George Says:

    Nice site. Out of interest (and I totally understand if you can't mention it) but where do you source your College Basketball scores from? (e.g. like I am aware Dr Peter Wolfe's site is a thorough source for College Football).

    I'm not convinced of the source that I use (as I don't know specifically what it is including, I believe it is all of the Division 1-A games) and it allows me to generate SRS ratings fairly similar to the SR ones (within a couple of points) but I just wondered if there was an ideal source for dropping data into Excel?

  2. Neil Says:

    Unfortunately, I can only direct you to our sources pages:

  3. George Says:

    I kind of figured and had checked this first anyhow (it's about the only sport of interest to me on the planet that I don't have data that I am 100% happy with). My source is fine, but it doesn't give locations for games (which probably accounts for why some of my numbers are slightly off - nothing off more than +/- 1.8). I'm figuring you may also have some capping on large margins of victory which may also account for it. Thanks for replying though - much appreciated.