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NHL Elo Player Rater

11th February 2013

Just a reminder to vote on the greatest players in NHL history using the Hockey-Reference Elo Player Rater. You can read the fine details of the system here or just view the complete ratings here, and be sure to send us some feedback if you have any comments or questions.

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Future Schedules up for 2013 (and beyond)

5th February 2013

Using the NFL's scheduling formula combined with the final records of everyone from 2012, it's possible to determine who will be playing who in 2013 -- and more. Follow the "Schedules" links from your team's franchise page and we'll list at least fourteen games of the season for the next four years, and all 16 for the upcoming season (including last year's won-loss and total opponent winning percentage). Unfortunately, the "when" for these games will have to wait until the NFL officially releases its schedule in April, but hopefully this can tide you over till then.

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Super Bowl Option Added to Player Game Finder

4th February 2013

Two quick notes:

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Super Bowl Squares App (UPDATE)

1st February 2013

Earlier this week, we posted about out Super Bowl Squares app, which will calculate the squares that give you the best odds of winning if you're in a contest on Sunday. Since then, we had a problem with the app in the Android marketplace, but you can go here for a free online version of the app; we also still offer the app in the iTunes Store.

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