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Retired Numbers

Posted by Mike on January 31, 2013

We've added team retired numbers to all team franchise encyclopedias for those teams who have retired numbers. While maybe not surprising that Jacksonville and Baltimore have no retired numbers (though one imagines 52 is going to show up on that Baltimore page before too long), did you know that neither Dallas nor Oakland have any numbers retired?

6 Responses to “Retired Numbers”

  1. oneblankspace Says:

    I thought Detroit honored not just Sanders but also Sims and one other player whose name escapes me when they retired #20.

  2. John Says:

    Great addition guys.

    Still need the yearly starting lineups updated for 2011 and 2012.

    Also, some of the playoff games started totals are off for active players.

  3. Mark Growcott Says:

    All these new additions and features are great but the one addition we really want is Player and Team Streak Finders.

    Also rather than focussing on these new features, shouldn’t some importance be given to getting the numerous errors and bugs fixed, some of which have been reported to you months and months ago.

    In addition to ones mentioned in post #2

    Missing 2012 Data
    Incorrect Playoff Games Coached in for active Head Coaches
    Incorrect Game Venues
    Incorrect/Missing Start Times
    Errors in adding Rows in Career Game Logs
    Missing Play by Play Data for OT Games

  4. Joe Says:

    ^ Along with that the issue with Colleges I mentioned before (one of my favorite things to do on here is check out those pages and see how well everyone from those schools did in the NFL) there is another issue where UDFAs (Vontaze Burfict) and Supplemental Draft players (Terrelle Pryor) since 2011 or maybe part of 2010 (Richard Bartel with the Cardinals) have their college listed but the link doesn't work and they are not listed on the college pages that show every player in the NFL from that school and their stats.

  5. jason Says:

    Doesn't surprise me NFL teams don't have that many retired numbers. Baseball, in contrast, is a sport that relies on it's history and numbers that came from it, 714, .406, 56, where as the NFL relies more soley on the uniform color and design to resonate such memories.

  6. Says:

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