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QB Handedness

Posted by Mike on January 25, 2013

Did you know that Mark Brunell has the highest single-season passing yards for a left-handed quarterback? How about which lefty quarterback has the most TD passes in a single game? Well now you do -- we've added the quarterback's handedness as a selectable option on our Player Game Finder and Player Season Finder tools, in addition to noting it for QBs on their player pages. Are we missing someone? Let us know.

4 Responses to “QB Handedness”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    According to John Maxymuk's great books on QBs, it looks like the only one that played a game that he has listed that you have not mentioned is Fred Wyant.

    Great work.

  2. Mark Growcott Says:

    Pat White who played QB for West Virginia and played for the Dolphins in 2009 throws left handed.

  3. oneblankspace Says:

    Although primarily right handed, Peyton Manning once completed a pass left handed with the Colts.

  4. Independent George Says:

    So, does this break out Brett Favre's left-handed passes?