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Player Birthdays

Posted by Neil on January 15, 2013

Happy birthday to Drew Brees, Matt Holliday, Randy White, Ricky Sobers, Adam Burt, and all the other athletes born today -- and a friendly reminder that you can look up player birthdays at all of our pro sites:

Birthdays at Baseball Reference

Birthdays at Basketball Reference

Birthdays at Pro Football Reference

Birthdays at Hockey Reference

2 Responses to “Player Birthdays”

  1. mareeno13 Says:

    Neil-a note to you. I really like the Playoff Leaderboards which reflect nothing but Playoff stats. The regular Leaderboard has a column for Career but it only reflects Regular Season stats EXCEPT for the 4th Quarter Comebacks and the Game Winning Drives. Could you change those so they would reflect only Regular Season stats also? We can always add the Reg. season and PO stats together to get Career stats.

  2. Neil Says:

    Thanks, I'll file a bug about that.