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AV and All-Pros up for 2012

Posted by Mike on January 14, 2013

With the release of the 2012 NFL All-Pro teams, we've run our annual AV calculations (What's AV? Check out how AV is calculated for a refresher) and updated the player pages and 2012 leaders page with the year's results.

11 Responses to “AV and All-Pros up for 2012”

  1. Topher Says:

    Nice, thanks guys!

  2. John Says:


    I think the AV for 2011 still needs to be re-run.

    For example, Julius Peppers recently got credited with is 2011 Pro Bowl but his AV didn't change and his front 7 teammates (Melton, Briggs, Idonije, Urlacher, etc) didn't change either.

    Another 2011 example is Ryan Clark's Pro Bowl that was credited recently. His other secondary teammates (Ike Taylor, Polamalu, etc) should be changed due to this.

  3. Adam Says:

    I agree with John, Julius Peppers AV for 2011 needs to be ranked higher than 9, he made the pro bowl and was very disruptive that season.

  4. Teo Says:

    Also many college data is incorrect (for example, many USC players appear as attending Tusculum, Illinois as Eastern Illinois, Oklahoma as Central Oklahoma, Missouri as Central Missouri St., etc.). Please fix it, many of us like to made the best players who attend X college, and with this incorrect data is nearly imposible.

  5. Osacr Says:

    Tahnks for the AV updates. When are you going to update the draft section with the AV and Career AVs?

  6. Patrick Says:

    I like AV as a baseline for judging players from all positions on the field, but the metric is by no means perfect and is subjective. I agree any year, when you make the pro-bowl as an elite defensive end (Julius Peppers) and have 10+ sacks and 20+ TFL, how can you be rated a 9? Or Steve Smith in 2011 was a 3! I don't care if you have Jimmy Clausen throwing you ducks all year, it is an insult to give him that ranking. I wish I knew more of the details of how this metric works for all positions. As a Panthers fan, I have been impressed by Cam Newton beginning his career with a 35AV in his first two seasons, that is probably the best AV start for a QB, in his Rookie and Soph. campaigns. Although Edgerrin James went 21 and 21, in his first two years with the Colts, for a stellar 42AV, to begin his borderline-HOF career.

  7. John Says:

    Thanks for all the updates but a few things need corrections.

    1. Brian Dawkins AV didn't change for 2011 despite getting his Pro Bowl credited.
    2. Neither long snapper from he 2011 pro bowl has been credited with their selection.
    3. All the pro bowl replacements for 2012.
    4. Weighted AV needs to be updated for all active players.

  8. Adam Says:

    Julius Peppers AV needs to be fixed for 2010, for some reason it has been lowered from 19, which it was originally to 12? He finished 4th in the defensive player of the year voting, made the pro bowl and was a first team all pro, as well as leading the Bears to the NFC championship game that season.

  9. John Says:


    It seems as if all players got there 2010 AVs lowered and players had there Pro Bowl/All Pro bonuses removed from the calculation for some reason.

    I have noticed this with Peppers, Urlacher, Ray Lewis, Jerod Mayo, Patrick Willis, etc.

    All of the 2010 AVs need to be redone, the 2011 pro bowl long snappers need to be credited, and the 2012 pro bowl replacements need to be credited. The 2010 & 2012 AVs need to be re-run and then the career weighted AV must be recalculated.

  10. Adam Says:

    I now see that Peppers AV for 2010 has been placed at 18, but his original value for that year was 19, any way you can fix this? I know it is nit picking, but he is my favorite player and I like seeing a 19 AV score on his resume. : )

  11. Charles Butler Says:

    The Pro Bowl is a bunch of crap both last year and this year. Last year instead Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford going to the pro bowl they sent Cam Newton and he stunk when he went to Hawaii. And this year they sent Drew Brees even though he started for a bad team and had a off year. What a joke. Me personally I would never send a rookie quarterback to the pro bowl and certaintly would not send one to the pro bowl if he is playing under a reed offense or an option offseason and definitely a spread offense. Nothing against RG3 and Cam Newton but I want a quarterback that can throw and definitely can play the position.