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New Vegas & game time features on Team Game Finder

Posted by Mike on November 2, 2012

Spending a lazy Friday morning at work? No fear, we've put a couple of new features up on the Team Game Finder tool.

First off is the addition of Vegas betting lines (from 1978 to now) to the additional search criteria selector, with which you can find games in the past 5 years in which a team was favored by more than 10 points or 17+ point underdogs in the last 30 years. We also have Over/Under lines, with which you can find all Patriots games since 2002 with an O/U greater than 50.

Next, we've added game time and time zone selectors to the filter criteria, with which you can find that the Bengals have a .700 record since 2002 in games played at 4pm in the Eastern time zone or that the Green Bay Packers have the best record in the last 15 years in road games on the West Coast.

One Response to “New Vegas & game time features on Team Game Finder”

  1. Mark Growcott Says:

    Thanks Mike, always welcome new features.

    Just thinking for the “Team Game Finder” could you add a drop down box listing each Division, so queries against a particular Division or Divisions can be done. A selection box would be even better where you can select multiple Divisions like you have for your “Player Season Finder” when choosing Positions.

    Also is it possible to add the following to the criteria list for the Player & Team Game Finders where appropriate:-

    Time of Possession
    50 Yard Field Goals Made
    2 Pt. Conversions Attempted
    Under the Passing category list, in addition to Passes Intercepted have Passes Intercepted for TD.

    Thanks again