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Minimum Stat Requirements for College Basketball Leaderboards

Posted by Neil on November 29, 2012

Several users have asked about how players qualify for the national, conference, and career leaderboards, so we've added a page to explain the minimum requirements needed to show up on those lists. Currently, they are as follows:

4 Responses to “Minimum Stat Requirements for College Basketball Leaderboards”

  1. Timmy Pea Says:

    Neil - How can you explain the sudden drop off in free throw percentage of Bobby Hansen in the late 1980's. For 3 years as a starter for the Jazz he shot better than 70 percent, then he collapsed.

  2. Neil Says:

    Hansen broke his finger early in the 1988-89 season, the year that coincided with his decline from 74% to 56% foul shooting, so perhaps that was responsible.

    Then again, he also shot 58% from the line in his first 2 NBA seasons, and aside from one fluke 85% year as a sophomore, shot under 70% in college. Perhaps the half-decent 74% run from 1986-88 is probably the outlier, not the surrounding years.

  3. Johnny Twisto Says:

    Are these the official NCAA thresholds? Because making 2.5 threes per game is a lot. I've written in before about how the conference leaderboards seem to be skewed because only a few players qualify, and no wonder.

  4. Justin Kubatko Says:

    @Johnny Twisto: Yes, they are.