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2012-2013 Major League Baseball Free Agent List

Posted by Neil on November 2, 2012

Looking for a list of 2012-13 MLB Free Agents this offseason? Go to this page:

2012-2013 Free Agents with Statistics

There you'll find a table like this (except with even more stats):

2 Responses to “2012-2013 Major League Baseball Free Agent List”

  1. Scott-53 Says:

    That was fast. ......ut oh. Type pro--le--s with key --oard o--ly 19 letters work.

    Tha--ks for list. S--ott-53

  2. Scott-53 Says:

    Had to dust off the old 2003 HP keyboard to plug into the old 2007 HP modem.

    Thanks for getting the list out so fast Neil. (surprisingly fast)

    At least 6 AL teams that were not even close to making the playoffs that some of the older free agents like Thome,Giambino, Ibanez;Blanco and Suzuki should consider.