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Happy Holidays from Sports Reference

Posted by sean on December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Sports Reference

3 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Sports Reference”

  1. cabriael Says:

    Heard Torrealba beat an umpire back in Venezuela, the country US umpires somehow hates by the way.

    Players are finally waking up. May next year be the first when an inaccurate umpire is beaten to death at the ground.

    My hatred on umpires has not ended just because they took the blog away. I will continue to argue to abolish the useless institution of umpiring.

  2. KEN GABLE Says:

    and a merry christmas and happy new year too

  3. Biff Says:


    I would like to see the day when an umpire beats up a player. I am not an umpire, don't aspire to be one, but my biggest pet peeve is the misconception fans have when they actually believe that one bad call dictates the outcome of a game.