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Blessed Kwan-zaa From Sports Reference

Posted by admin on December 23, 2011

Blessed Kwanzaa from Sports Reference

6 Responses to “Blessed Kwan-zaa From Sports Reference”

  1. MikeN Says:

    Kwanzaa's a fake holiday made up in the 70s by a Marxist, whose 'principles' just happened to be the same as the Symbionese Liberation Army. Why are you suggesting Michelle Kwan is a fake?

  2. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    Reply to MikeN post clarify the Michelle Kwan reference, the first time I clicked on the link for this blog, it took me to her page in the Olympics section of this website/domain. Then I clicked on the world "blog" and I got here, so I think it's just an error in the way this bloggie/linkie/clickie thing was set up. Michelle Kwan was never intended to be part of this thread, I don't think.

    What I'm wondering is why this website would post a greeting for such an expressly, obviously, and intentionally racist "holiday" as Kwanzaa. As Mike N points out, it's a fake holiday. It is intended for African-Americans only, that was its founder's specific purpose.

    It's like if the guy were appointed Commissioner of Baseball, and decreed that henceforth African-Americans would play in their own league separate from all the other players of other ethnic-racial backgrounds.

    Including "Happy Kwanzaa" among all the other holiday greetings actually flies in the face of everything all the other legitimate holidays represent.

  3. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    I'm wondering if the following news flash is any indication of the "cultural values and heritage" that African-Americans celebrate during Kwanzaa. Probably not, I would hope. But I think it is the perfect example of what happens when somebody starts thinking they need to come up with an alternative to "white peoples' religion" and the Christmas celebration, as the founder of Kwanzaa said was his intent.
    It is the African non-Christians in this article who are blowing things up and killing innocent civilians - their preferred targets - while it is the Christians who are pleading with people not to retaliate with more violence.
    Of course, if you want an alternative to "white peoples' religion" which preaches peace on Earth, good will toward men, the alternative is war, destruction, and death.
    Blessed Kwanzaa? ? ? ? ?
    . ...
    ABUJA (Reuters) - Christmas prayers turned into rage, sadness and confusion on Sunday after explosions rocked several churches in Nigeria, killing at least 28 people.

    An angry crowd formed amidst the smoldering ash and twisted metal remains of cars outside St. Theresa Catholic Church near the capital Abuja, the first church hit, as a Christian cleric urged people not to take vengeance.

    "Go home and let the authorities do their work," Reverend Isaac Achi told the crowd. "I pray the people doing this will stop and repent. Do not become violent over this."

    Casualties from the attack were carried to a nearby theatre and other makeshift hospitals as ambulances picked up those with the worst wounds. Men set fire to tires on the road leading to the capital in protest over the attacks.

    "We are reacting like this because we are angry, in fact over-angry," said visibly shaken resident Kingsley Ukpabi.

    Islamist militant group Boko Haram, which wants to impose Islamic sharia law across a nation of 160 million split roughly between Christians and Muslims, claimed responsibility for the attacks, which also hit churches in at least two northern towns.

  4. admin Says:

    I make a little pun-ny play on words happy holidays type post and the humorless anti-kwanzaa police arrive in force. Very strange.

    Hope you enjoyed your holidays.

  5. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    OK, I guess sometimes my brand of humor doesn't read funny.
    I see a post labelling Kwanzaa's creator a Marxist Symbionese Liberation Army sympathizer, so I figured, what the heck, why not just jump into the deep end of the Scrooge/Grinch pool where this guy is apparently swimming, throw in a cut-and-paste news item to make it look like I actually researched and thought this through, and now "admin" slaps my wrist.
    Hey, I'm the guy who once posted something here about how I spotted a teenage Barack Obama in the background of a baseball card picture, and I forgot that some people took that seriously too.
    If you want to take something seriously, keep in mind that we all have less than a year to enjoy this planet, as I noticed they have started the official countdown clock on the Mayan Calendar End of the World prophesy for 12-20-2012, and apparently the symmetry in those numbers is one of the "proofs" that the world will end, like there's some kind of magical power in the numbers . . . numbers which dont appear on the Mayan calendar, which tends to indicate to me that 12-20-2012 doesn't mean a thing, sort of like Kwanzaa.
    The good news about the impending end of the world is, Cubs fans won't have to wait until next year any more, because according to the Mayans, there won't be any more next years.

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