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2011 Japanese League Stats Now on

Posted by admin on December 19, 2011

NPB: Pacific League and Central League

To go along with our coverage of all North American professional leagues, we have coverage for NPB back to 2007.

6 Responses to “2011 Japanese League Stats Now on”

  1. David J Wheeler Says:

    Awesome addition! Japanese Leader Board next?

  2. Thomas Court Says:


    But ESPN still has stats that go back further than that... It still kinda bugs me that I have to use that site for baseball stats, when I am perfectly comfortable here.

    When Ichiro's NPB stats are here, I will consider it a glorious day, and I will send the ESPN stats department a, "John Deere" letter.

  3. KJOK Says:

    Fielding stats even!
    I know names pose a challenge but pre-2007 stats would be nice.

  4. Pageup Says:

    Apparently Takeya Nakamura is their Babe Ruth. 48 homers, the next highest guy has 25, and after that it's 18.

  5. Phil Haberkorn in Indiana Says:

    Could you please install a firewall, cookie, or whatever you call it, that prevents anyone from combining Japanese baseball stats with Major League Baseball stats in order to present bogus arguments as if there's an equivalency thing going on? LIke people are doing with Ichiro Suzuki, trying to claim he's got 3,000 hits already, or that Sadaharu Oh is the all-time home run king? The old Pacific Coast League was actually a lot closer to major league caliber for quite some time before MLB moved westward, but PCL stats don't count, so neither should Japanese leagues. And then there's the racism inherent in the treatment of American players who came close to breaking Oh's HR records in Japan, but were intentionally walked repeatedly in order to prevent a foreigner from breaking the record. Imagine the uproar if pitchers had started intentionally walking Narc McGwire and Slammy Sosa as they approached 60 HRs.
    It's bad enough we have Supreme Court Justices quoting British Common Law and international treaties instead of keeping their focus on the Constitution.
    Let's not lose our focus here, which is Major League Baseball, and it's only played in North America.
    Japanese league stats should be filed in the "minor league" realm, not under "Independent Leagues" as if the Japanese leagues were ever equivalent to the Federal League or the Players League.

  6. Jay Rock Says:

    Way to go B-R!