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September 8th, 2011 Recap: Today, Tango spotlighted an interesting nugget of research in this “anti-WAR” piece, and wrote about the philosophy behind including position adjustments with FRAA when assessing defense… Bradley Woodrum looked at what ShHAP! says Adam Dunn should be hitting… Larry Koestler dissected Phil Hughes’ woes on 0-2 counts… David Schoenfield used the example of Joey Votto in 2010-11 to point out a gaping hole in mainstream MVP logic… David Golebiewski followed up on this THT piece about Mark Teixeira’s BABIP… Bill Petti extended his volatility research to pitchers… Satchel Price wrote about the impact of popups on the White Sox’s BABIP… Jack Moore updated the probability of Justin Verlander reaching 25 wins… And John Arguello lists seven reasons Billy Beane may be the Cubs’ next GM.

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