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Alpine Skiing at the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Games:

Men's Slalom

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Host City: Innsbruck, Austria
Venue(s): Axamer Lizum, Axams
Date Started: February 14, 1976
Date Finished: February 14, 1976
Format: Two runs, total time determined placement.

Gold: ITA Piero Gros
Silver: ITA Gustavo Thoeni
Bronze: LIE Willi Frommelt


As in the giant slalom, [Gustavo Thoeni] and [Ingemar Stenmark] were favored. Stenmark was World Cup champion in 1975 (and would win in 1976), succeeding Thoeni, who had led the World Cup slalom in 1973 and 1974. The leader on the first run was [Willy Frommelt] of Liechtenstein, with Thoeni second. Stenmark struggled on the first run, as he had in the giant slalom, placing ninth. But things were worse on the second run, when he missed a gate and did not finish. Thoeni was consistent, again placing second on run two, which was won by his teammate, [Piero Gros]. Gros’s time was fast enough to move him ahead of Thoeni and win the gold medal in an upset. Gros was quite well-known, having won the giant slalom and overall World Cup in 1974, but he had been surpassed by Stenmark and Thoeni in the run-up to the Innsbruck Games, and had not won a World Cup event since January 1975.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal T
1 Piero Gros 21 Italy ITA Gold 2:03.29
2 Gustavo Thoeni 24 Italy ITA Silver 2:03.73
3 Willi Frommelt 23 Liechtenstein LIE Bronze 2:04.28
4 Walter Tresch 27 Switzerland SUI 2:05.26
5 Christian Neureuther 26 West Germany FRG 2:06.56
6 Wolfgang Junginger 24 West Germany FRG 2:07.08
7 Alois Morgenstern 21 Austria AUT 2:07.18
8 Peter Lüscher 19 Switzerland SUI 2:08.10
9 Francisco Fernández Ochoa 25 Spain ESP 2:08.35
10 Andi Wenzel 17 Liechtenstein LIE 2:08.73
11 Jan Bachleda-Curuś 24 Poland POL 2:08.81
12 Stig Strand 19 Sweden SWE 2:09.08
13 Cary Adgate 22 United States USA 2:09.53
14 Miloslav Sochor 24 Czechoslovakia TCH 2:09.61
15T Albert Burger 20 West Germany FRG 2:10.31
15T Roland Roche 23 France FRA 2:10.31
17 Torsten Jakobsson 18 Sweden SWE 2:11.24
18 Phil Mahre 18 United States USA 2:11.77
19 Greg Jones 22 United States USA 2:12.71
20 Sepp Ferstl 21 West Germany FRG 2:14.34
21 Roman Dereziński 24 Poland POL 2:14.73
22 Anton Steiner 17 Austria AUT 2:14.90
23 Jim Hunter 22 Canada CAN 2:17.06
24 Sigurður Jónsson 16 Iceland ISL 2:17.34
25 Vladimir Andreyev 17 Soviet Union URS 2:17.56
26 Erik Håker 23 Norway NOR 2:17.86
27 Robert Safrata 18 Canada CAN 2:17.98
28 Ivan Penev 26 Bulgaria BUL 2:18.19
29 Sumihiro Tomii 26 Japan JPN 2:18.67
30 Ion Cavaşi 22 Romania ROU 2:21.32
31 Andrej Koželj 20 Yugoslavia YUG 2:23.66
32 Haukur Jóhannsson 23 Iceland ISL 2:24.05
33 José Luis Koifman 21 Chile CHI 2:25.97
34 Dan Cristea 27 Romania ROU 2:27.57
35 Stuart Blakely 19 New Zealand NZL 2:28.77
36 Brett Kendall 18 New Zealand NZL 2:38.38
37 Ersin Ayrıksa 19 Turkey TUR 2:51.78
38 Carlos Font 16 Andorra AND 2:56.52
AC Franco Bieler 25 Italy ITA DNF
AC Ingemar Stenmark 19 Sweden SWE DNF
AC Masami Ichimura 25 Japan JPN DNF
AC Gérard Bonnevie 23 France FRA DNF
AC Gudmund Söderin 23 Sweden SWE DNF
AC Juan Angel Olivieri 18 Argentina ARG DNF
AC Carlos Alberto Martínez 18 Argentina ARG DNF
AC Stuart Fitzsimmons 19 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Sashko Dikov 20 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Mohammad Kalhor Iran IRI DNF
AC Spyros Theodorou 23 Greece GRE DNF
AC Murat Tosun 24 Turkey TUR DNF
AC David Griff 19 Australia AUS DNF
AC Maurizio Battistini 18 San Marino SMR DNF
AC Ahmet Kıbıl 23 Turkey TUR DNF
AC Chen Yun-Ming 26 Chinese Taipei TPE DNF
AC Robin Armstrong 22 New Zealand NZL DNF
AC Thomas Karadimas 22 Greece GRE DNF
AC Kim Clifford 19 Australia AUS DNF
AC Gorban Ali Kalhor 23 Iran IRI DNF
AC Xavier Areny 18 Andorra AND DNF
AC Tómas Leifsson 23 Iceland ISL DNF
AC Walter Dei Vecchi 19 Argentina ARG DNF
AC Rafael Cañas 22 Chile CHI DNF
AC Adjin Pašović 19 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC Didier Xhaet 20 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Federico García 24 Chile CHI DNF
AC Robert Blanchaer 23 Belgium BEL DNF
AC Antoine Crespo 20 Andorra AND DNF
AC Konrad Bartelski 21 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Jaime Ros 23 Spain ESP DNF
AC Ken Read 20 Canada CAN DNF
AC Georgi Kochov 20 Bulgaria BUL DNF
AC Mikio Katagiri 21 Japan JPN DNF
AC Peter Fuchs 20 Great Britain GBR DNF
AC Antoni Naudi 24 Andorra AND DNF
AC Roberto Koifman 19 Chile CHI DNF
AC Miran Gašperšič 27 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC Juan Manuel Fernández Ochoa 24 Spain ESP DNF
AC Dave Murray 22 Canada CAN DNF
AC Jorge García 19 Spain ESP DNF
AC Luis Rosenkjer 20 Argentina ARG DNF
AC Haruhisa Chiba 24 Japan JPN DNF
AC Bojan Križaj 19 Yugoslavia YUG DNF
AC Bohumír Zeman 18 Czechoslovakia TCH DNF
AC Odd Sørli 21 Norway NOR DNF
AC Heini Hemmi 27 Switzerland SUI DNF
AC Ernst Good 26 Switzerland SUI DNF
AC Philippe Hardy 21 France FRA DNF
AC Claude Perrot 24 France FRA DNF
AC Hansi Hinterseer 22 Austria AUT DNF
AC Fausto Radici 22 Italy ITA DNF
AC Geoff Bruce 23 United States USA DNF
AC Alan Stewart 20 Great Britain GBR DQ
AC Akbar Kalili Iran IRI DQ
AC Mohammad Hadj Kia Shemshaki Iran IRI DQ