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Alpine Skiing at the 1964 Innsbruck Winter Games:

Men's Slalom

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Host City: Innsbruck, Austria
Venue(s): Axamer Lizum, Axams
Date Started: February 7, 1964
Date Finished: February 8, 1964

Gold: AUT Pepi Stiegler
Silver: USA Billy Kidd
Bronze: USA Jimmy Heuga
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For the first time at the Olympics, the slalom was started with a qualifying round of two runs. The top 25 finishers in each run were advanced to the final round. When the slalom started, Austria's Pepi Stiegler had already won an Olympic silver medal (1960 giant slalom) and bronze medal (1964 giant slalom). He easily made it through the qualifying and led the first run of the final, followed by Austrian team leader Karl Schranz and American Jimmy Heuga in third. The second run leader was France's Guy Périllat, who had barely finished the first run in the final, and moved up only to 12th place. The second best time was posted by American Billy Kidd, earning him the overall lead. Heuga followed three skiers later, and although he would have the third best time of the second run, he could not move ahead of Kidd overall. Stiegler was off 15th, the last of the top seeds in the run, and would finish eighth in the run, but with a time that enabled him to win the gold medal by a narrow margin over Kidd. Stiegler eventually settled in the United States, finally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and his daughter, Resi Stiegler, would later ski in the Olympics for the United States.

Prior to 1964, and Billy Kidd and Jimmy Heuga, no American man had won a skiing medal at the Olympics. Previously the best finishes were fourth by Brooks Dodge in the 1956 slalom and Tom Corcoran in the 1960 giant slalom. In a strange quirk of fate, both Heuga and Stiegler, as well as the downhill gold medalist in 1964, Egon Zimmermann, would later be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Pepi Stiegler 26 Austria AUT Gold
2 Billy Kidd 20 United States USA Silver
3 Jimmy Heuga 20 United States USA Bronze
4 Michel Arpin 28 France FRA
5 Luggi Leitner 23 Germany GER
6 Adolf Mathis 25 Switzerland SUI
7 Gerhard Nenning 23 Austria AUT
8 Buddy Werner 27 United States USA
9 Wolfgang Bartels 23 Germany GER
10 Stefan Kälin 21 Switzerland SUI
11 Italo Pedroncelli 28 Italy ITA
12 Guy Périllat 23 France FRA
13 Ernst Scherzer 26 Germany GER
14 Willy Favre 20 Switzerland SUI
15 Ivo Mahlknecht 24 Italy ITA
16 Per Martin Sunde 19 Norway NOR
17 Paride Milianti 29 Italy ITA
18 Eberhard Riedel 25 Germany GER
19 Peter Duncan 19 Canada CAN
20 Martino Fill 24 Italy ITA
21 Hias Leitner 28 Austria AUT
22 Raimo Manninen 23 Finland FIN
23 Yoshiharu Fukuhara 21 Japan JPN
24 Karl Schranz 25 Austria AUT
25 Vasily Melnikov 20 Soviet Union URS
26 Rune Lindström 19 Sweden SWE
27 Bronisław Trzebunia 22 Poland POL
28 Olle Rolén 19 Sweden SWE
29 Jon Terje Øverland 19 Norway NOR
30 Jerzy Woyna Orlewicz 20 Poland POL
31 Hajime Tomii 23 Japan JPN
32 Peter Lakota 26 Yugoslavia YUG
33 Andrzej Dereziński 19 Poland POL
34 Yoshinari Kida 20 Japan JPN
35 Arild Holm 21 Norway NOR
36 Hans-Walter Schädler 18 Liechtenstein LIE
37 Javier Masana 22 Spain ESP
38 Yoshihiro Ohira 23 Japan JPN
39 Árni Sigurðsson 22 Iceland ISL
AC r2/2 Lars Olsson 19 Sweden SWE
AC r2/2 Jos Minsch 22 Switzerland SUI
AC r2/2 Anton Šoltýs 26 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r2/2 Jean-Claude Killy 20 France FRA
AC r2/2 Chuck Ferries 24 United States USA
AC r2/2 François Bonlieu 26 France FRA
AC r2/2 Bengt-Erik Grahn 22 Sweden SWE
AC r2/2 Ulf Ekstam 22 Finland FIN
AC r2/2 Jean-Guy Brunet 24 Canada CAN
AC r2/2 Rod Hebron 21 Canada CAN
DNS r2/2 Tally Monastyryov 24 Soviet Union URS
26 r1/2 Luis Sánchez 23 Spain ESP
27 r1/2 Kristinn Benediktsson 24 Iceland ISL
28 r1/2 Charles, Count de Westenholz 18 Great Britain GBR
29 r1/2 Jonathan Taylor 20 Great Britain GBR
30 r1/2 Karim, Prince Aga Khan 27 Iran IRI
31 r1/2 Piers, Baron de Westenholz 20 Great Britain GBR
32 r1/2 Josef Gassner 19 Liechtenstein LIE
33 r1/2 Hernán Boher 23 Chile CHI
34 r1/2 Jóhann Vilbergsson 28 Iceland ISL
35 r1/2 John Rigby 21 Great Britain GBR
36 r1/2 Luis Viu 20 Spain ESP
37 r1/2 Fayzollah Band Ali 24 Iran IRI
38 r1/2 Juan Holz 20 Chile CHI
39 r1/2 Osvaldo Ancinas 29 Argentina ARG
40 r1/2 Ovaness Meguerdonian Iran IRI
41 r1/2 Jorge Abelardo Eiras 21 Argentina ARG
42 r1/2 Peter Brockhoff 27 Australia AUS
43 r1/2 Fric Detiček 21 Yugoslavia YUG
44 r1/2 Simon Brown 21 Australia AUS
45 r1/2 Nazih Geagea 22 Lebanon LIB
46 r1/2 Bahattin Topal 21 Turkey TUR
47 r1/2 August Wolfinger 14 Liechtenstein LIE
48 r1/2 Muzaffer Demirhan 31 Turkey TUR
49 r1/2 Peter Wenzel 20 Australia AUS
50 r1/2 Zeki Şamiloğlu 26 Turkey TUR
51 r1/2 Manuel Mena 17 Argentina ARG
52 r1/2 Jean Keyrouz Lebanon LIB
53 r1/2 Michel Rahme Lebanon LIB
54 r1/2 Jo Yeong-Seok 30 South Korea KOR
55 r1/2 Kostas Karydas 21 Greece GRE
56 r1/2 Vasilios Makridis 24 Greece GRE
AC r1/2 Radim Koloušek 22 Czechoslovakia TCH
AC r1/2 Lotfollah Kia Shemshaki 25 Iran IRI
AC r1/2 Juan Garriga 23 Spain ESP
AC r1/2 Oto Pustoslemšek 20 Yugoslavia YUG
AC r1/2 Osman Yüce 34 Turkey TUR
AC r1/2 Sami Beyroun Lebanon LIB
AC r1/2 Dimitrios Pappos 24 Greece GRE
AC r1/2 Andrej Klinar 21 Yugoslavia YUG
AC r1/2 Kim Dong-Baek 22 South Korea KOR
AC r1/2 Francisco Cortes 23 Chile CHI
AC r1/2 Pedro Klempa 22 Argentina ARG
AC r1/2 Petar Angelov 20 Bulgaria BUL
AC r1/2 Robert Swan 20 Canada CAN
AC r1/2 Valery Shein 18 Soviet Union URS
AC r1/2 Vicente Vera 27 Chile CHI