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Gymnastics at the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games:

Women's Horse Vault

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Host City: Barcelona, Spain
Venue(s): St. George's Palace, Barcelona
Date Started: July 28, 1992
Date Finished: August 1, 1992

Gold: HUN Henrietta Ónodi
ROU Lavinia Miloşovici
Bronze: EUN Tetiana Lysenko
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Eight gymnasts advanced to the final round based on the qualifying scores in the team all-around, but the final placements were determined only by the score posted in the final round. At the 1991 World Championships Romanian Lavinia Miloşovici won the gold medal, followed by Hungarian Henrietta Ónodi and Soviet/Unified gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, who shared silver. At Barcelona, Miloşovici and Ónodi shared the gold medal, whil Chusovitina failed to make the final round. Defending gold medalist Svetlana Boginskaya placed fourth, just behind her Unified teammate Tetiana Lysenko. This was the first Olympics for Chusovitina, but she would compete at six Olympics through 2012, representing Uzbekistan in 1996-2004, and Germany in 2008-12, setting an Olympic record for most appearances in women’s gymnastics, although tied with Bulgaria’s [Yordan Yochev] among the men, who also competed from 1992-2012.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal FP
1T Henrietta Ónodi 18 Hungary HUN Gold 9.925
1T Lavinia Miloşovici 15 Romania ROU Gold 9.925
3 Tetiana Lysenko 17 Unified Team EUN Bronze 9.912
4 Svetlana Boginskaya 19 Unified Team EUN 9.899
5 Gina Gogean 13 Romania ROU 9.893
6 Shannon Miller 15 United States USA 9.837
7 Eva Rueda 20 Spain ESP 9.787
8 Kim Zmeskal 16 United States USA 9.593
5T QR Betty Okino 17 United States USA
9T QR Tetiana Hutsu 15 Unified Team EUN
9T QR Kerri Strug 14 United States USA
11 QR Wendy Bruce 19 United States USA
13 QR Silviya Mitova 16 Bulgaria BUL
14T QR Maria Neculiţă 18 Romania ROU
14T QR Oksana Chusovitina 17 Unified Team EUN
16 QR Cristina Bontaş 18 Romania ROU
17T QR Mirela Paşca 17 Romania ROU
17T QR Vanda Hădărean 16 Romania ROU
19 QR Stella Umeh 17 Canada CAN
20 QR Roza Galiyeva 15 Unified Team EUN
21 QR Andrea Molnár 17 Hungary HUN
22 QR Dominique Dawes 15 United States USA
23 QR Yang Bo 18 China CHN
24T QR Marie-Angéline Colson 16 France FRA
24T QR Mari Kosuge 16 Japan JPN
24T QR Yelena Grudneva 18 Unified Team EUN
27T QR Li Yifang 17 China CHN
27T QR Alicia Fernández 18 Spain ESP
29T QR Luísa Ribeiro 19 Brazil BRA
29T QR Lu Li 15 China CHN
29T QR Kathleen Stark 16 Germany GER
32T QR Luisa Portocarrero 15 Guatemala GUA
32T QR Kyoko Seo 20 Japan JPN
32T QR Sonia Fraguas 14 Spain ESP
32T QR Li Li 17 China CHN
36 QR Elvira Becks 16 Netherlands NED
37T QR Janine Rankin 20 Canada CAN
37T QR Lee Hui-Gyeong 17 South Korea KOR
39T QR Annette Potempa 15 Germany GER
39T QR Cristina Fraguas 16 Spain ESP
41T QR Anke Schönfelder 16 Germany GER
41T QR Karine Boucher 19 France FRA
43T QR Pavla Kinclová 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
43T QR Choi Gyong-Hui 19 North Korea PRK
43T QR Kinga Horváth 15 Hungary HUN
43T QR Gabriele Weller 16 Germany GER
47T QR Kim Gwang-Suk 16 North Korea PRK
47T QR Romina Plataroti 15 Argentina ARG
49 QR Monique Allen 20 Australia AUS
50 QR Denisse López 15 Mexico MEX
51T QR Bénédicte Evrard 17 Belgium BEL
51T QR Kylie Shadbolt 19 Australia AUS
51T QR Hanako Miura 17 Japan JPN
51T QR Bernadett Balázs 17 Hungary HUN
51T QR Ruth Rollán 15 Spain ESP
56T QR Iveta Poloková 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
56T QR Daniela Bártová 18 Czechoslovakia TCH
56T QR Silvia Martínez 17 Spain ESP
59 QR Delyana Vodenicharova 18 Bulgaria BUL
60 QR Sarah Mercer 17 Great Britain GBR
61T QR Virginie Machado 16 France FRA
61T QR Veronica Servente 15 Italy ITA
63 QR Lori Strong 19 Canada CAN
64T QR Svetlana Todorova 17 Bulgaria BUL
64T QR Li Chun-Mi 15 North Korea PRK
64T QR Ildikó Balog 14 Hungary HUN
67T QR Chloé Maigre 17 France FRA
67T QR Zhang Xia 17 China CHN
67T QR He Xuemei 15 China CHN
70 QR Jana Günther 17 Germany GER
71 QR Brooke Gysen 14 Australia AUS
72T QR Giulia Volpi 22 Italy ITA
72T QR Diana Schröder 17 Germany GER
74T QR Tanya Maslarska 16 Bulgaria BUL
74T QR Jennifer Wood 19 Canada CAN
76 QR Jane Warrilow 18 Australia AUS
77T QR Julie-Anne Monico 16 Australia AUS
77T QR Karine Charlier 15 France FRA
79 QR Andrea Giordano 16 Argentina ARG
80 QR Lisa Read 18 Australia AUS
81T QR Hwang Bo-Sil 19 North Korea PRK
81T QR Anita Tomulevski 15 Norway NOR
83T QR Min A-Yeong 17 South Korea KOR
83T QR Jenny Rolland 17 France FRA
85 QR Rowena Roberts 15 Great Britain GBR
86 QR Mylène Fleury 17 Canada CAN
87 QR An Myong-Hwa 17 North Korea PRK
88 QR Kristina Panayotova 16 Bulgaria BUL
89 QR Pak Gyong-Sil 17 North Korea PRK
90 QR Krisztina Molnár 16 Hungary HUN
91 QR Janet Morin 16 Canada CAN
92 QR Snezhana Khristakieva 15 Bulgaria BUL