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Gymnastics at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games:

Women's Horse Vault

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Host City: Seoul, South Korea
Venue(s): Olympic Gymnastics Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul
Date Started: September 19, 1988
Date Finished: September 25, 1988

Gold: URS Svetlana Boginskaya
Silver: ROU Gabriela Potorac
Bronze: ROU Daniela Silivaș


As in 1984 eight gymnasts qualified for the final round from the team qualifying, with no more than two gymnasts per team allowed to advance to the finals. The total score consisted of 50% of the team qualifying scores, and the final round score from an optional routine on the apparatus. The individual all-around champion, [Yelena Shushunova], had won this event at the 1985 and 1987 World Championships, and posted a perfect score of 20.00 in the team qualifying. But she landed badly on both her vaults in the final round and dropped back to eighth place. The gold medal went to her teammate, [Svetlana Boginskaya], who had been disappointed with her bronze medal in the all-around competition. But her coach, Lyubov Miramanova, had been even more disappointed, so much so that she committed suicide three days after the end of the Seoul Olympics.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Svetlana Boginskaya 15 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.905
2 Gabriela Potorac 15 Romania ROU Silver 19.830
3 Daniela Silivaș 16 Romania ROU Bronze 19.818
4 Boryana Stoyanova 20 Bulgaria BUL 19.780
5 Brandy Johnson 15 United States USA 19.774
6 Dagmar Kersten 17 East Germany GDR 19.756
7 Wang Xiaoyan 20 China CHN 19.730
8 Yelena Shushunova 19 Soviet Union URS 19.712
4T QR Natālija Laščonova 15 Soviet Union URS
6T QR Olha Strazheva 15 Soviet Union URS
9 QR Yelena Shevchenko 16 Soviet Union URS
10T QR Celestina Popa 18 Romania ROU
12T QR Bettina Schieferdecker 20 East Germany GDR
14T QR Diana Dudeva 20 Bulgaria BUL
14T QR Svetlana Baitova 16 Soviet Union URS
14T QR Eszter Óváry 15 Hungary HUN
17T QR Delyana Vodenicharova 14 Bulgaria BUL
17T QR Khrabrina Khrabrova 15 Bulgaria BUL
17T QR Camelia Voinea 18 Romania ROU
17T QR Eugenia Golea 17 Romania ROU
17T QR Dörte Thümmler 16 East Germany GDR
22T QR Hope Spivey 17 United States USA
22T QR Aurelia Dobre 15 Romania ROU
24 QR Ivelina Raykova 16 Bulgaria BUL
25 QR Chelle Stack 15 United States USA
26 QR Eva Rueda 17 Spain ESP
27T QR Beáta Storczer 19 Hungary HUN
27T QR Kelly Garrison-Steves 21 United States USA
27T QR Wang Huiying 17 China CHN
27T QR Ulrike Klotz 17 East Germany GDR
27T QR Phoebe Mills 15 United States USA
32 QR Chen Cuiting 17 China CHN
33T QR Lori Strong 16 Canada CAN
33T QR Ma Ying 17 China CHN
35T QR Andrea Ladányi 19 Hungary HUN
35T QR Mariya Kartalova 19 Bulgaria BUL
35T QR Melissa Marlowe 17 United States USA
38T QR Iveta Poloková 18 Czechoslovakia TCH
38T QR Zsuzsa Csisztu 18 Hungary HUN
38T QR Gabi Fähnrich 20 East Germany GDR
41T QR Laura Muñoz 18 Spain ESP
41T QR Monica Covacci 16 Canada CAN
43T QR Park Ji-Suk 15 South Korea KOR
43T QR Kim Nam-Ok 15 South Korea KOR
43T QR Giulia Volpi 18 Italy ITA
43T QR Janine Rankin 16 Canada CAN
47 QR Fan Di 15 China CHN
48 QR Bae Eun-Mi 15 South Korea KOR
49T QR Ivona Krmelová 18 Czechoslovakia TCH
49T QR Zsuzsa Miskó 16 Hungary HUN
51T QR Monique Allen 16 Australia AUS
51T QR Jana Vejrková 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
51T QR Larissa Lowing 15 Canada CAN
51T QR Nuria Belchi 15 Spain ESP
55T QR Luísa Ribeiro 15 Brazil BRA
55T QR Karine Boucher 16 France FRA
55T QR Lidia Castillejo 19 Spain ESP
55T QR Alena Dřevjaná 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
55T QR Patrizia Luconi 17 Italy ITA
60T QR Im Hye-Jin 15 South Korea KOR
60T QR Wang Wenjing 15 China CHN
60T QR María Flores-Wurmser 17 Guatemala GUA
63T QR Han Gyeong-Im 17 South Korea KOR
63T QR Miho Shinoda 16 Japan JPN
65T QR Karen Hargate 15 Great Britain GBR
65T QR Cathy Giancaspro 17 Canada CAN
67 QR Nuria García 15 Spain ESP
68T QR Maria Cocuzza 25 Italy ITA
68T QR Makiko Sanada 15 Japan JPN
68T QR Foteini Varvariotou 14 Greece GRE
71T QR Martina Velíšková 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
71T QR Manuela Hervás 16 Spain ESP
73T QR Kim Eun-Mi 16 South Korea KOR
73T QR Sachiko Morimura 16 Japan JPN
73T QR Sónia Moura 16 Portugal POR
76 QR Yuriko Nanahara 16 Japan JPN
77 QR Hana Říčná 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
78 QR Mieko Mori 22 Japan JPN
79T QR Catherine Romano 16 France FRA
79T QR Leanne Rycroft 19 Australia AUS
81T QR Anne-Marie Bauduin 16 France FRA
81T QR Maiko Morio 21 Japan JPN
83 QR Michaela Ustorf 15 West Germany FRG
84 QR Christina McDonald 18 Canada CAN
85 QR Isabella von Lospichl 18 West Germany FRG
86 QR Revital Sharon 17 Israel ISR
87 QR Martina Jentsch 20 East Germany GDR
88 QR Ágnes Miskó 16 Hungary HUN
89 QR Mauricette Geller 15 Belgium BEL
90 QR Karen Kennedy 21 Great Britain GBR