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Gymnastics at the 1988 Seoul Summer Games:

Men's Pommelled Horse

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Host City: Seoul, South Korea
Venue(s): Olympic Gymnastics Hall, Olympic Park, Seoul
Date Started: September 18, 1988
Date Finished: September 24, 1988

Gold: BUL Lyubomir Geraskov
HUN Zsolt Borkai
URS Dmitry Bilozerchev


As in 1984 eight gymnasts qualified for the final round from the team qualifying, with no more than two gymnasts per team allowed to advance to the finals. The total score consisted of 50% of the team qualifying scores, and the final round score from an optional routine on the apparatus. After team qualifying there was a four-way tie for first among Soviet [Dmitry Bilozerchev], Hungarian [Zsolt Borkai], Bulgaria’s [Lyubomir Geraskov], and Japan’s [Koichi Mizushima]. Mizushima scored 9.95 in the final round but it was not enough, as the other three scored perfect 10s for a three-way tie for the gold medal. The only other time that three gold medals were handed out at in a single event at the Olympics also occurred on the pommelled horse, in 1948. Through 2012, Geraskov’s gymnastics gold medal is one of only two won by Bulgaria, after [Stoyan Delchev] in the 1980 horizontal bar.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1T Lyubomir Geraskov 19 Bulgaria BUL Gold 19.950
1T Zsolt Borkai 23 Hungary HUN Gold 19.950
1T Dmitry Bilozerchev 21 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.950
4 Koichi Mizushima 23 Japan JPN 19.900
5 Valery Lyukin 21 Soviet Union URS 19.875
6 Daisuke Nishikawa 18 Japan JPN 19.850
7 Sven Tippelt 23 East Germany GDR 19.800
8 Sylvio Kroll 23 East Germany GDR 19.775
7T QR Vladimir Artyomov 23 Soviet Union URS
9T QR Marian Rizan 21 Romania ROU
9T QR Vladimir Novikov 18 Soviet Union URS
12T QR Sergey Kharkov 17 Soviet Union URS
12T QR Toshiharu Sato 19 Japan JPN
12T QR Dimitar Taskov 21 Bulgaria BUL
15T QR Marius Gherman 21 Romania ROU
15T QR Wang Chongsheng 21 China CHN
15T QR Boris Preti 20 Italy ITA
15T QR György Guczoghy 26 Hungary HUN
19T QR Petar Georgiev 23 Bulgaria BUL
19T QR Hiroyuki Konishi 25 Japan JPN
19T QR Kalofer Khristozov 19 Bulgaria BUL
22T QR Csaba Fajkusz 21 Hungary HUN
22T QR Kevin Davis 22 United States USA
22T QR Lado Gogoladze 22 Soviet Union URS
22T QR Ralf Büchner 21 East Germany GDR
22T QR Yukio Iketani 17 Japan JPN
22T QR Jury Chechi 18 Italy ITA
28T QR Brad Peters 25 Canada CAN
28T QR Mike Beckmann 20 West Germany FRG
30T QR Christian Chevalier 21 France FRA
30T QR Charles Lakes 24 United States USA
30T QR Li Chunyang 20 China CHN
30T QR Paolo Bucci 20 Italy ITA
30T QR Stéphane Cauterman 19 France FRA
35 QR Nicolae Bejenaru 20 Romania ROU
36T QR Marius Tobă 20 Romania ROU
36T QR Claude Carmona 24 France FRA
36T QR Ulf Hoffmann 27 East Germany GDR
36T QR Takahiro Yamada 24 Japan JPN
40T QR Johan Jonasson 21 Sweden SWE
40T QR Jenő Paprika 28 Hungary HUN
42 QR Riccardo Trapella 20 Italy ITA
43T QR Li Ning 25 China CHN
43T QR Valentin Pîntea 26 Romania ROU
43T QR Josef Zellweger 24 Switzerland SUI
46T QR Alan Nolet 20 Canada CAN
46T QR Thierry Pecqueux 23 France FRA
46T QR Lance Ringnald 18 United States USA
46T QR Stoyko Gochev 23 Bulgaria BUL
46T QR Patrick Mattioni 21 France FRA
51T QR Hélder Pinheiro 18 Portugal POR
51T QR Wes Suter 24 United States USA
51T QR Lorne Bobkin 22 Canada CAN
51T QR Gabriele Sala 20 Italy ITA
51T QR Lou Yun 24 China CHN
56T QR Xu Zhiqiang 25 China CHN
56T QR Deyan Kolev 22 Bulgaria BUL
56T QR Ralph Kern 21 West Germany FRG
59T QR Adrian Sandu 21 Romania ROU
59T QR Holger Behrendt 24 East Germany GDR
59T QR Philippe Chartrand 24 Canada CAN
59T QR Jürgen Brümmer 23 West Germany FRG
63T QR Daniel Winkler 26 West Germany FRG
63T QR Dominick Minicucci, Jr. 19 United States USA
63T QR Andreas Wecker 18 East Germany GDR
66T QR Zsolt Horváth 20 Hungary HUN
66T QR James Rozon 24 Canada CAN
66T QR Guo Linxian 23 China CHN
69T QR Bruno Cavelti 27 Switzerland SUI
69T QR Bernhard Simmelbauer 25 West Germany FRG
69T QR Vittorio Allievi 25 Italy ITA
72T QR Curtis Hibbert 22 Canada CAN
72T QR Andrew Morris 26 Great Britain GBR
74 QR Kenneth Meredith 25 Australia AUS
75T QR Andreas Aguilar 26 West Germany FRG
75T QR Park Jong-Hun 23 South Korea KOR
75T QR Alfonso Rodríguez 22 Spain ESP
78 QR Frédéric Longuepée 22 France FRA
79T QR Jože Kolman 21 Yugoslavia YUG
79T QR Scott Johnson 27 United States USA
81T QR Ju Yeong-Sam 22 South Korea KOR
81T QR Miguel Ángel Rubio 22 Spain ESP
83 QR Álvaro Montesinos 24 Spain ESP
84 QR Chang Chao-Chun 21 Chinese Taipei TPE
85 QR Terry Bartlett 24 Great Britain GBR
86T QR Song Yu-Jin 21 South Korea KOR
86T QR Gil Pinto 22 Brazil BRA
88 QR Tony Piñeda 24 Mexico MEX
89 QR Balázs Tóth 21 Hungary HUN