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Gymnastics at the 1980 Moskva Summer Games:

Women's Floor Exercise

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Host City: Moskva, Soviet Union
Venue(s): Palace of Sports, Central Lenin Stadium Area, Moskva
Date Started: July 21, 1980
Date Finished: July 25, 1980

Gold: ROU Nadia Comăneci
URS Nelli Kim
Bronze: GDR Maxi Gnauck
URS Nataliya Shaposhnikova


The format was the same as in 1976, with the best six gymnasts in the team all-around advancing to the apparatus final, but only two gymnasts from each nation could advance to the finals. The final apparatus score made up of 50% of the all-around total and a final optional program. Four gymnasts were tied after the team qualifying with 19.85 points, but Soviet [Nelli Kim] and Romania’s [Nadia Comăneci] scored 9.95 in the final round to share the gold medal. Behind them East German [Maxi Gnauck] and Kim’s teammate [Nataliya Shaposhnikova] also shared the bronze medal.

Kim was the defending champion on floor and had won the event at the 1978 World Championships. This was her only individual medal in Moskva, after she had won three golds and four medals in 1976, ending her Olympic career with six medals and five golds. Gnauck was the only female gymnast to make the finals on each apparatus in Moskva, ending with four medals and a gold on uneven bars.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1T Nelli Kim 22 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.875
1T Nadia Comăneci 18 Romania ROU Gold 19.875
3T Nataliya Shaposhnikova 19 Soviet Union URS Bronze 19.825
3T Maxi Gnauck 15 East Germany GDR Bronze 19.825
5 Emilia Eberle 16 Romania ROU 19.750
6 Jana Labáková 14 Czechoslovakia TCH 19.725
5T QR Yelena Naimushina 15 Soviet Union URS
5T QR Yelena Davydova 18 Soviet Union URS
8T QR Mariya Filatova 19 Soviet Union URS
10T QR Katharina Rensch 15 East Germany GDR
10T QR Stella Zakharova 17 Soviet Union URS
12 QR Birgit Süß 18 East Germany GDR
13T QR Erika Csányi 15 Hungary HUN
13T QR Rodica Dunca 15 Romania ROU
15T QR Silvia Hindorff 19 East Germany GDR
15T QR Erika Flander 15 Hungary HUN
15T QR Cristina Elena Grigoraş 14 Romania ROU
18 QR Radka Zemanová 16 Czechoslovakia TCH
19T QR Melita Ruhn 15 Romania ROU
19T QR Galina Marinova 15 Bulgaria BUL
19T QR Katarína Šarišská 14 Czechoslovakia TCH
22T QR Steffi Kräker 20 East Germany GDR
22T QR Dumitriţa Turner 16 Romania ROU
24T QR Dana Brýdlová 16 Czechoslovakia TCH
24T QR Karola Sube 16 East Germany GDR
26T QR Eva Marečková 16 Czechoslovakia TCH
26T QR Krasimira Toneva 15 Bulgaria BUL
28T QR Lenke Almási 15 Hungary HUN
28T QR Anita Šauerová 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
30 QR Małgorzata Majza 15 Poland POL
31 QR Łucja Matraszek-Chydzińska 26 Poland POL
32T QR Anita Jokiel 13 Poland POL
32T QR Wiesława Żelaskowska 15 Poland POL
32T QR Kameliya Eftimova 14 Bulgaria BUL
35 QR Éva Óvári 18 Hungary HUN
36T QR Dimitrinka Filipova 14 Bulgaria BUL
36T QR Silviya Topalova 16 Bulgaria BUL
38T QR Márta Egervári 23 Hungary HUN
38T QR Katarzyna Snopko 14 Poland POL
40T QR Erzsébet Hanti 15 Hungary HUN
40T QR Irene Martínez 14 Spain ESP
42 QR Antoaneta Rakhneva 17 Bulgaria BUL
43 QR Agata Jaroszek-Karczmarek 16 Poland POL
44 QR Choe Jong-Sil 14 North Korea PRK
45 QR Sin Myong-Ok 14 North Korea PRK
46 QR Kim Chun-Son 19 North Korea PRK
47T QR Suzanne Dando 19 Great Britain GBR
47T QR Denise Jones 17 Great Britain GBR
49 QR Marina Sulicich 16 Australia AUS
50T QR Kang Myong-Suk 14 North Korea PRK
50T QR Choi Myong-Hui 14 North Korea PRK
50T QR Lo Ok-Sil 14 North Korea PRK
53 QR Estela de la Torre 15 Mexico MEX
54 QR Kerry Bayliss 18 Australia AUS
55 QR Dashzevgiin Ariunaa 14 Mongolia MGL
56T QR Aurora Morata 19 Spain ESP
56T QR Cláudia Costa 18 Brazil BRA
58 QR Susan Cheesebrough 20 Great Britain GBR
59 QR Davaasürengiin Oyuuntuyaa 13 Mongolia MGL
60 QR Lena Adomat 16 Sweden SWE
61 QR Avelina Alvarez 18 Portugal POR
62 QR Gloria Viseras 15 Spain ESP