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Gymnastics at the 1980 Moskva Summer Games:

Men's Pommelled Horse

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Host City: Moskva, Soviet Union
Venue(s): Palace of Sports, Central Lenin Stadium Area, Moskva
Date Started: July 20, 1980
Date Finished: July 25, 1980

Gold: HUN Zoltán Magyar
Silver: URS Aleksandr Dityatin
Bronze: GDR Michael Nikolay


The format was the same as in 1976, with the best six gymnasts in the team all-around advancing to the apparatus final, but only two gymnasts from each nation could advance to the finals. The final apparatus score made up of 50% of the all-around total and a final optional program. Hungarian [Zoltán Magyar] was the defending champion, was World Champion in 1978-79, and was the clear favorite. Magyar led after qualifying and then scored a perfect 10.00 in the final round to defend his gold medal. Silver was won by Soviet [Aleksandr Dityatin], one of his eight medals in gymnastics in Moskva. Magyar repeated the feat of Yugoslav [Miroslav Cerar], who had won the Olympic pommelled horse in 1964-68. The two are usually considered the greatest ever practitioners on pommelled horse.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Zoltán Magyar 26 Hungary HUN Gold 19.925
2 Aleksandr Dityatin 22 Soviet Union URS Silver 19.800
3 Michael Nikolay 23 East Germany GDR Bronze 19.775
4 Roland Brückner 24 East Germany GDR 19.725
5 Aleksandr Tkachov 22 Soviet Union URS 19.475
6 Ferenc Donáth 26 Hungary HUN 19.400
5 QR Eduard Azaryan 22 Soviet Union URS
7T QR Vladimir Markelov 22 Soviet Union URS
7T QR Nikolay Andrianov 27 Soviet Union URS
10 QR Stoyan Delchev 21 Bulgaria BUL
11T QR Lutz Hoffmann 21 East Germany GDR
11T QR Bohdan Makuts 20 Soviet Union URS
13 QR György Guczoghy 18 Hungary HUN
14T QR Romulus Bucuroiu 24 Romania ROU
14T QR Kurt Szilier 23 Romania ROU
14T QR Michel Boutard 24 France FRA
14T QR Andreas Bronst 22 East Germany GDR
18 QR Roberto Richards 26 Cuba CUB
19T QR Ralf-Peter Hemmann 21 East Germany GDR
19T QR Zoltán Kelemen 21 Hungary HUN
19T QR Rudolf Babiak 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
22T QR Joël Suty 20 France FRA
22T QR Miloslav Kučeřík 21 Czechoslovakia TCH
24 QR Péter Kovács 20 Hungary HUN
25T QR Jiří Tabák 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
25T QR Plamen Petkov 20 Bulgaria BUL
27 QR Enrique Bravo 25 Cuba CUB
28 QR Sorin Cepoi 23 Romania ROU
29T QR Dancho Yordanov 21 Bulgaria BUL
29T QR Andrzej Szajna 30 Poland POL
29T QR Dan Grecu 29 Romania ROU
32 QR Jan Zoulík 23 Czechoslovakia TCH
33 QR István Vámos 22 Hungary HUN
34T QR Miguel Arroyo 18 Cuba CUB
34T QR Henri Boërio 28 France FRA
34T QR Willi Moy 24 France FRA
37T QR Krzysztof Potaczek 22 Poland POL
37T QR Yves Bouquel 25 France FRA
37T QR Tommy Wilson 26 Great Britain GBR
37T QR Barry Winch 22 Great Britain GBR
41 QR Aurelian Georgescu 21 Romania ROU
42 QR Jorge Roche 22 Cuba CUB
43T QR Rumen Petkov 20 Bulgaria BUL
43T QR Lutz Mack 27 East Germany GDR
45 QR Ognyan Bangiev 24 Bulgaria BUL
46 QR Lindsay Nylund 22 Australia AUS
47T QR Waldemar Woźniak 25 Poland POL
47T QR Nicolae Oprescu 27 Romania ROU
49 QR Yanko Radanchev 23 Bulgaria BUL
50 QR Mario Castro 18 Cuba CUB
51 QR Gabriel Calvo 24 Spain ESP
52T QR Fernando Bertrand 25 Spain ESP
52T QR Marc Touchais 22 France FRA
52T QR José de la Casa 23 Spain ESP
55T QR Keith Langley 19 Great Britain GBR
55T QR Han Gwang-Song 22 North Korea PRK
55T QR Jan Migdau 22 Czechoslovakia TCH
58 QR Jozef Konečný 26 Czechoslovakia TCH
59 QR Cho Hun 22 North Korea PRK
60T QR Casimiro Suárez 18 Cuba CUB
60T QR Song Sun-Bong 27 North Korea PRK
62 QR Kang Gwang-Song 24 North Korea PRK
63 QR João Luiz Ribeiro 21 Brazil BRA
64 QR Li Su-Gil 16 North Korea PRK
65 QR Kim Gwang-Jin 23 North Korea PRK