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Wrestling at the 1976 Montréal Summer Games:

Men's Lightweight, Freestyle

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Host City: Montréal, Canada
Venue(s): Maurice Richard Arena, Montréal, Québec; Pierre Charbonneau Centre, Olympic Park, Montréal, Québec
Date Started: July 27, 1976
Date Finished: July 31, 1976
Format: Scoring by negative points, with negative points given for any result short of a fall. Accumulation of 6 negative points eliminated the wrestler, but a wrestler could not be eliminated after a victory. When three or fewer wrestlers remained, they advanced to a final round, with preliminary results carried forward.

Gold: URS Pavel Pinigin
Silver: USA Butch Keaser
Bronze: JPN Yasaburo Sugawara

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal RE BP
1 Pavel Pinigin 23 Soviet Union URS Gold
2 Butch Keaser 26 United States USA Silver
3 Yasaburo Sugawara 23 Japan JPN Bronze
4 Doncho Zhekov 23 Bulgaria BUL
5 José Ramos 27 Cuba CUB
6 Tsedendambyn Natsagdorj 32 Mongolia MGL
7 Rami Miron 19 Israel ISR
8 Eberhard Probst 21 East Germany GDR
AC János Kocsis 25 Hungary HUN Eliminated r4/6 7,0
AC Zsigmond Kelevitz 22 Australia AUS Eliminated r4/6 8,0
AC Mohamed Reza Navaie 27 Iran IRI Eliminated r4/6 8,0
AC Gerhard Weisenberger 24 West Germany FRG Eliminated r4/6 8,5
AC Go Jin-Won 19 South Korea KOR Eliminated r3/6 6,0
AC Rafael González 19 Puerto Rico PUR Eliminated r3/6 7,0
AC Sergio Fiszman 20 Argentina ARG Eliminated r3/6 8,0
AC Joe Gilligan 21 Great Britain GBR Eliminated r3/6 8,0
AC Lennart Lundell 22 Sweden SWE Eliminated r3/6 9,0
AC Mehmet Sarı 28 Turkey TUR Eliminated r2/6 6,0
AC Clive Llewellyn 23 Canada CAN Eliminated r2/6 7,0
AC Šaban Sejdi 17 Yugoslavia YUG Eliminated r2/6 7,0
AC Kari Övermark 21 Finland FIN Eliminated r2/6 7,5
AC Ronald Joseph 17 United States Virgin Islands ISV Eliminated r2/6 8,0
AC Segundo Olmedo 28 Panama PAN Eliminated r2/6 8,0
AC Arona Mané Senegal SEN Eliminated r2/6 8,0