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Gymnastics at the 1976 Montréal Summer Games:

Men's Rings

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Host City: Montréal, Canada
Venue(s): Montréal Forum, Montréal, Québec
Date Started: July 18, 1976
Date Finished: July 23, 1976

Gold: URS Nikolay Andrianov
Silver: URS Aleksandr Dityatin
Bronze: ROU Dan Grecu


The format was similar to 1964-72, with the best six gymnasts in the team all-around advancing to the apparatus final, with the final apparatus score made up of 50% of the all-around total and a final optional program. However, nations were now limited to only two gymnasts in the finals. [Nikolay Andrianov] was the leader of the Soviet team in 1976 and won the gold medal in this event, just ahead of his teammate, [Aleksandr Dityatin], who would succeed Andrianov as Soviet team leader, and win the gold medal on rings in 1980. Romanian [Dan Grecu] won the bronze medal, the first medal ever won by a Romanian man in Olympic gymnastics. Grecu and Andrianov had shared the gold medal on rings at the 1974 World Championships.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Nikolay Andrianov 23 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.650
2 Aleksandr Dityatin 18 Soviet Union URS Silver 19.550
3 Dan Grecu 25 Romania ROU Bronze 19.500
4 Ferenc Donáth 22 Hungary HUN 19.200
5 Eizo Kenmotsu 28 Japan JPN 19.175
6 Sawao Kato 29 Japan JPN 19.125
2 QR Vladimir Markelov 18 Soviet Union URS QU/DNC
5 QR Vladimir Marchenko 23 Soviet Union URS
9T QR Lutz Mack 23 East Germany GDR
9T QR Mitsuo Tsukahara 28 Japan JPN
9T QR Vladimir Tikhonov 19 Soviet Union URS
12T QR Mihai Borș 25 Romania ROU
12T QR Hiroshi Kajiyama 23 Japan JPN
12T QR Nicolae Oprescu 23 Romania ROU
15 QR Shun Fujimoto 26 Japan JPN
16 QR Eberhard Gienger 24 West Germany FRG
17T QR Zoltán Magyar 22 Hungary HUN
17T QR Andrzej Szajna 26 Poland POL
17T QR Ion Checicheș 21 Romania ROU
20T QR Henri Boërio 24 France FRA
20T QR Bernd Jäger 24 East Germany GDR
20T QR Gennady Krysin 18 Soviet Union URS
20T QR Wayne Young 24 United States USA
20T QR Volker Rohrwick 22 West Germany FRG
20T QR Imre Molnár 27 Hungary HUN
24T QR Robert Bretscher 22 Switzerland SUI
24T QR Béla Laufer 20 Hungary HUN
24T QR Edgar Jorek 20 West Germany FRG
29T QR Rainer Hanschke 24 East Germany GDR
29T QR Hisato Igarashi 25 Japan JPN
29T QR Maurizio Montesi 23 Italy ITA
32T QR Michael Nikolay 19 East Germany GDR
32T QR Werner Steinmetz 26 West Germany FRG
34T QR Wolfgang Klotz 24 East Germany GDR
34T QR Willi Moy 20 France FRA
36T QR Imre Bánrévi 21 Hungary HUN
36T QR Tom Beach 21 United States USA
36T QR Dimitrios Janulidis 20 Czechoslovakia TCH
36T QR Roland Brückner 20 East Germany GDR
36T QR Maurizio Milanetto 23 Italy ITA
36T QR Jiří Tabák 20 Czechoslovakia TCH
42 QR Miloslav Netušil 30 Czechoslovakia TCH
43T QR Árpád Farkas 18 Hungary HUN
43T QR Peter Rohner 27 Switzerland SUI
43T QR Angelo Zucca 20 Italy ITA
46T QR Pierre Leclerc 22 Canada CAN
46T QR Ștefan Gal 24 Romania ROU
46T QR Armin Vock 23 Switzerland SUI
49T QR Keith Carter 23 Canada CAN
49T QR Zhivko Rusev 17 Bulgaria BUL
51T QR Sorin Cepoi 19 Romania ROU
51T QR Kurt Thomas 20 United States USA
51T QR Bernard Decoux 19 France FRA
54T QR Peter Kormann 21 United States USA
54T QR Reinhard Ritter 27 West Germany FRG
56T QR Marshall Avener 25 United States USA
56T QR Bart Conner 18 United States USA
56T QR Philippe Gaille 24 Switzerland SUI
59 QR Roberto Richards 22 Cuba CUB
60T QR Philip Delesalle 18 Canada CAN
60T QR Gustav Tannenberger 23 Czechoslovakia TCH
62T QR Vladislav Nehasil 29 Czechoslovakia TCH
62T QR Dimitar Koychev 23 Bulgaria BUL
64 QR Reinhard Dietze 21 West Germany FRG
65T QR Grzegorz Ciastek 21 Poland POL
65T QR Łukasz Uhma 22 Poland POL
67 QR Jan Zoulík 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
68T QR Roman Tkaczyk 22 Poland POL
68T QR Andrey Keranov 20 Bulgaria BUL
70T QR Bernhard Locher 27 Switzerland SUI
70T QR Dov Lupi 27 Israel ISR
70T QR Marian Pieczka 24 Poland POL
73 QR Ueli Bachmann 26 Switzerland SUI
74T QR Georgi Todorov 27 Bulgaria BUL
74T QR Tommy Wilson 22 Great Britain GBR
76T QR Mariusz Zasada 25 Poland POL
76T QR Fernando Bertrand 21 Spain ESP
78 QR Stoyan Delchev 17 Bulgaria BUL
79T QR José de la Casa 19 Spain ESP
79T QR Michel Boutard 20 France FRA
79T QR Gabriel Calvo 20 Spain ESP
82T QR Phil Cheetham 21 Australia AUS
82T QR Toncho Todorov 17 Bulgaria BUL
84 QR Eric Koloko 25 France FRA
85T QR Nelson Fernández 18 Cuba CUB
85T QR Peter Lloyd 26 Australia AUS
87 QR Ole Benediktson 27 Denmark DEN
88T QR Jeff Davis 22 Great Britain GBR
88T QR Patrick Boutet 24 France FRA
90 QR Ian Neale 21 Great Britain GBR