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Gymnastics at the 1972 München Summer Games:

Women's Uneven Bars

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Host City: München, West Germany
Venue(s): Sports Hall, Olympic Park, München
Date Started: August 27, 1972
Date Finished: August 31, 1972

Gold: GDR Karin Janz
Silver: GDR Erika Zuchold
URS Olga Korbut


The format was similar to 1964 and 1968, with the best six gymnasts in the team all-around advancing to the apparatus final, with the final apparatus score made up of 50% of the all-around total and a final optional program. Olga Korbut had stunned the crowd in the team all-around with her uneven bars performances with several acrobatic and dangerous moves never performed before in women’s gymnastics, but she still trailed East German Karin Janz. Janz’s lead was too large for Korbut to overcome in the final, and in fact, Janz extended it with the best optional routine in the final to win the gold medal comfortably. The silver medals were shared by Korbut and Janz’s teammate Erika Zuchold.

Janz won five medals and two gold medals in München, ending her Olympic career with seven medals. She then went to medical school and became an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery. In the late 1990s Janz designed a revolutionary artificial disk which became used world-wide to help many people overcome crippling back pain.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1 Karin Janz 20 East Germany GDR Gold 19.675
2T Olga Korbut 17 Soviet Union URS Silver 19.450
2T Erika Zuchold 25 East Germany GDR Silver 19.450
4 Lyudmila Turishcheva 19 Soviet Union URS 19.425
5 Ilona Békési 18 Hungary HUN 19.275
6 Angelika Hellmann 18 East Germany GDR 19.200
7 QR Tamara Lazakovich 18 Soviet Union URS
8 QR Richarda Schmeißer 18 East Germany GDR
9 QR Márta Kelemen 17 Hungary HUN
10T QR Lyubov Burda 19 Soviet Union URS
10T QR Krisztina Medveczky 14 Hungary HUN
10T QR Soňa Brázdová 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
13 QR Anikó Kéry 16 Hungary HUN
14T QR Zdena Dorňáková 15 Czechoslovakia TCH
14T QR Miyuki Matsuhisa-Hironaka 27 Japan JPN
14T QR Marianna Némethová-Krajčírová 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
14T QR Ans Smulders-van Gerwen 21 Netherlands NED
18T QR Christine Schmitt 19 East Germany GDR
18T QR Cathy Rigby 19 United States USA
18T QR Irene Abel 19 East Germany GDR
18T QR Elvira Saadi 20 Soviet Union URS
22T QR Eiko Hirashima 21 Japan JPN
22T QR Takako Hasegawa 21 Japan JPN
22T QR Roxanne Pierce 17 United States USA
22T QR Łucja Matraszek-Chydzińska 18 Poland POL
26T QR Hana Lišková 20 Czechoslovakia TCH
26T QR Marcela Váchová 19 Czechoslovakia TCH
26T QR Uta Schorn 15 West Germany FRG
26T QR Andrea Niederheide-Bieger 14 West Germany FRG
26T QR Gabriella Marchi 16 Italy ITA
31T QR Mónika Császár 17 Hungary HUN
31T QR Alina Goreac 19 Romania ROU
31T QR Jutta Oltersdorf 16 West Germany FRG
31T QR Patrizia Bazzi 15 Switzerland SUI
35 QR Linda Metheny 25 United States USA
36T QR Zdenka Bujnáčková 17 Czechoslovakia TCH
36T QR Kimberly Chace 16 United States USA
36T QR Kayoko Hashiguchi-Saka 28 Japan JPN
39T QR Zsuzsa Nagy 20 Hungary HUN
39T QR Rita Peri 15 Italy ITA
41 QR Käthi Fritschi 18 Switzerland SUI
42T QR Linda Toorop 16 Netherlands NED
42T QR Elena Ceampelea 25 Romania ROU
42T QR Elisabeta Turcu 19 Romania ROU
42T QR Joanna Bartosz 18 Poland POL
46 QR Joan Moore 18 United States USA
47T QR Anca Grigoraş 14 Romania ROU
47T QR Monica Stefani 14 Italy ITA
49T QR Antonina Koshel 17 Soviet Union URS
49T QR Kazue Hanyu 21 Japan JPN
49T QR Toshiko Miyamoto 18 Japan JPN
49T QR Angelika Kern 19 West Germany FRG
49T QR Nancy Thies 15 United States USA
54T QR Judith Steiger 15 Switzerland SUI
54T QR Ans Dekker 17 Netherlands NED
54T QR Ulrike Weyh 15 West Germany FRG
54T QR Marcela Păunescu 17 Romania ROU
58T QR Unni Holmen 19 Norway NOR
58T QR Mireille Cayre 25 France FRA
60T QR Véronique Tilmont 17 France FRA
60T QR Jennifer Diachun 19 Canada CAN
62 QR Jill Kvamme-Schau 24 Norway NOR
63T QR Maria Grazia Mancuso 16 Italy ITA
63T QR Nancy McDonnell 17 Canada CAN
65 QR Irina Khitrova 18 Bulgaria BUL
66 QR Marie Lundqvist-Björk 25 Sweden SWE
67T QR Gro Sandberg 16 Norway NOR
67T QR Cinzia Delisi 15 Italy ITA
67T QR Nataša Bajin-Šljepica 26 Yugoslavia YUG
70 QR Nel van der Voort 20 Netherlands NED
71T QR Lise Arsenault-Goertz 17 Canada CAN
71T QR Teresa McDonnell 18 Canada CAN
71T QR Elaine Willett 16 Great Britain GBR
74T QR Paula Ioan 17 Romania ROU
74T QR Susan Buchanan 20 Canada CAN
74T QR Ana María Casas 16 Mexico MEX
77T QR Dorota Klencz 17 Poland POL
77T QR Catherine Daugé 15 France FRA
77T QR Angela Alberti 23 Italy ITA
80T QR Ikina Morsch 16 Netherlands NED
80T QR Bente Hansen 19 Norway NOR
82T QR Małgorzata Barlak-Kamasińska 20 Poland POL
82T QR Pascale Hermant 15 France FRA
82T QR Sharon Tsukamoto 19 Canada CAN
85 QR Elena Georgieva 25 Bulgaria BUL
86 QR Patricia Ollinger 18 Mexico MEX
87T QR Danuta Fidusiewicz-Prusinowska 20 Poland POL
87T QR Pepita Sánchez 20 Spain ESP
89 QR Reneta Tsvetkova 14 Bulgaria BUL
90 QR Patricia García 15 Mexico MEX
91 QR Danuta Lubowska 16 Poland POL
92T QR Jacqueline Sievert 16 Switzerland SUI
92T QR Erna Havelka 27 Yugoslavia YUG
92T QR Nadine Audin 14 France FRA
95 QR Pamela Hutchinson 18 Great Britain GBR
96 QR Margo Velema 16 Netherlands NED
97T QR Sidsel Ekholdt 16 Norway NOR
97T QR Olga Bumbić 25 Yugoslavia YUG
99 QR Elvire Gertosio 24 France FRA
100T QR Ingrid Santer 17 West Germany FRG
100T QR Barbara Alred 18 Great Britain GBR
100T QR Marija Težak 15 Yugoslavia YUG
103T QR Yvonne Mugridge 19 Great Britain GBR
103T QR Avril Lennox 16 Great Britain GBR
105 QR Slaviča Kundačina 17 Yugoslavia YUG
106T QR Marieta Ilieva 16 Bulgaria BUL
106T QR Nevenka Puškarević 20 Yugoslavia YUG
108 QR Liselotte Marti 16 Switzerland SUI
109 QR Pamela Hopkins 18 Great Britain GBR
110 QR Laura Rivera 17 Mexico MEX
111T QR Evdokiya Pandezova 24 Bulgaria BUL
111T QR María Antonieta Hernández 14 Mexico MEX
113 QR Dianne Foote 17 New Zealand NZL
114T QR Hilda Amezaga 18 Mexico MEX
114T QR Trine Andresen 16 Norway NOR
116 QR Christine Steger 14 Switzerland SUI
117 QR Maya Blagoeva 16 Bulgaria BUL
118 QR Jenny Sunderland 18 Australia AUS