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Gymnastics at the 1960 Roma Summer Games:

Men's Pommelled Horse

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Host City: Roma, Italy
Venue(s): Caracalla Baths, Roma
Date Started: September 5, 1960
Date Finished: September 10, 1960

Gold: FIN Eugen Ekman
URS Borys Shakhlin
Bronze: JPN Shuji Tsurumi


As with all apparatus formats in 1960, this was a new format, with the all-around competition serving as a qualifying round for the final, with the top six performers advancing to the final round, where they again performed a compulsory and optional exercise to determine final placements. [Borys Shakhlin] won the gold medal but he tied for first and shared the gold with Finland’s [Eugen Ekman]. Ekman’s gold medal was the only one not won by a Soviet or Japanese male gymnast in Rome. The bronze medal went to [Shuji Tsurumi], his only individual medal in Rome, but he would win two individual medals at Tokyo in 1964, one in this event and one on parallel bars. One surprise was that Yugoslav Slovenian [Miroslav Cerar] did not make the final, as he placed seventh in the all-around qualifying. He had been a bronze medalist in the event at the 1958 World Championships and would win Olympic gold on the pommelled horse in 1964 and 1968, and is often considered the greatest ever practitioner on this apparatus.

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Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal PTS
1T Borys Shakhlin 28 Soviet Union URS Gold 19.375
1T Eugen Ekman 22 Finland FIN Gold 19.375
3 Shuji Tsurumi 22 Japan JPN Bronze 19.150
4 Takashi Mitsukuri 21 Japan JPN 19.125
5 Yury Titov 24 Soviet Union URS 18.950
6 Takashi Ono 29 Japan JPN 18.525
7 QR Miroslav Cerar 20 Yugoslavia YUG
8T QR Larry Banner 24 United States USA
8T QR Kauko Heikkinen 22 Finland FIN
10T QR Nikolay Miligulo 23 Soviet Union URS
10T QR Yukio Endo 23 Japan JPN
12T QR Valery Kerdemelidi 22 Soviet Union URS
12T QR Jaroslav Šťastný 24 Czechoslovakia TCH
12T QR Orlando Polmonari 36 Italy ITA
15T QR Åge Storhaug 22 Norway NOR
15T QR Gianfranco Marzolla 23 Italy ITA
15T QR Gar O'Quinn, Jr. 25 United States USA
18T QR Jack Beckner 30 United States USA
18T QR Dragan Gagić 24 Yugoslavia YUG
18T QR Vladimir Portnoy 29 Soviet Union URS
18T QR Josy Stoffel 32 Luxembourg LUX
18T QR Pavel Gajdoš 23 Czechoslovakia TCH
23T QR Franco Menichelli 19 Italy ITA
23T QR Ivan Čaklec 28 Yugoslavia YUG
23T QR Angelo Vicardi 23 Italy ITA
26T QR Nobuyuki Aihara 25 Japan JPN
26T QR Masao Takemoto 40 Japan JPN
26T QR Don Tonry 24 United States USA
26T QR Fritz Feuz 29 Switzerland SUI
30T QR Albert Azaryan 31 Soviet Union URS
30T QR Giovanni Carminucci 20 Italy ITA
30T QR Edy Thomi 31 Switzerland SUI
33T QR Józef Rajnisz 28 Poland POL
33T QR Jaroslav Bím 29 Czechoslovakia TCH
33T QR Fred Orlofsky 23 United States USA
36T QR Sakari Olkkonen 29 Finland FIN
36T QR Kurt Wigartz 27 Sweden SWE
38T QR János Mester 22 Hungary HUN
38T QR Jean Jaillard 28 France FRA
40T QR Pasquale Carminucci 22 Italy ITA
40T QR Günter Nachtigall 30 Germany GER
42T QR Ferdinand Daniš 31 Czechoslovakia TCH
42T QR Alojz Petrovič 24 Yugoslavia YUG
42T QR Velik Kapsazov 25 Bulgaria BUL
42T QR Josef Trmal 28 Czechoslovakia TCH
46T QR Raimo Heinonen 25 Finland FIN
46T QR Siegfried Fülle 20 Germany GER
48T QR Olavi Leimuvirta 24 Finland FIN
48T QR Max Benker 27 Switzerland SUI
48T QR Ladislav Pazdera 23 Czechoslovakia TCH
51T QR Nik Stuart 33 Great Britain GBR
51T QR Otto Kestola 24 Finland FIN
51T QR Ernst Fivian 29 Switzerland SUI
54T QR Bo Wirhed 24 Sweden SWE
54T QR André Brüllmann 26 Switzerland SUI
54T QR Mohamed Lazhari 22 France FRA
57T QR Lajos Varga 26 Hungary HUN
57T QR Leif Koorn 23 Sweden SWE
59T QR Hans Schwarzentruber 31 Switzerland SUI
59T QR Rajmund Csányi 24 Hungary HUN
59T QR Todor Bachvarov 24 Bulgaria BUL
62T QR Ernest Hawełek 25 Poland POL
62T QR Alfred Kucharczyk 22 Poland POL
62T QR Andrzej Konopka 25 Poland POL
65T QR Hans Sauter 35 Austria AUT
65T QR Bernard Fauqueux 21 France FRA
65T QR Günter Lyhs 26 Germany GER
65T QR Philipp Fürst 23 Germany GER
69T QR Lyuben Khristov 25 Bulgaria BUL
69T QR Milenko Lekić 24 Yugoslavia YUG
69T QR Géza Bejek 26 Hungary HUN
69T QR Rudolf Keszthelyi 25 Hungary HUN
73T QR Jerzy Jokiel 29 Poland POL
73T QR Stig Lindewall 24 Sweden SWE
73T QR Jaime Belenguer 23 Spain ESP
76 QR Abie Grossfeld 26 United States USA
77 QR Michel Mathiot 34 France FRA
78T QR Sándor Békési 31 Hungary HUN
78T QR Hermann Klien 27 Austria AUT
80T QR Aleksander Rokosa 24 Poland POL
80T QR Nikola Prodanov 20 Bulgaria BUL
82 QR Robert Caymaris 24 France FRA
83T QR Armand Huberty 30 Luxembourg LUX
83T QR Johann König 27 Austria AUT
85 QR Marsel Markulin 23 Yugoslavia YUG
86T QR Erwin Koppe 22 Germany GER
86T QR Richard Montpetit 20 Canada CAN
86T QR Luis Valbuena 24 Spain ESP
89T QR Ahmed Goneim United Arab Republic UAR
89T QR William Thoresson 28 Sweden SWE
91 QR Karlheinz Friedrich 26 Germany GER
92T QR Willi Kafel 30 Austria AUT
92T QR Daniel Touche 21 France FRA
92T QR Armando Valles 19 Mexico MEX
95 QR Abdel Vares Sharraf United Arab Republic UAR
96 QR Emilio Lecuona 24 Spain ESP
97T QR Michel Kiesgen 26 Luxembourg LUX
97T QR Jean Cronstedt 27 Sweden SWE
99 QR Jack Pancott 27 Great Britain GBR
100T QR Gerhard Huber 26 Austria AUT
100T QR Dick Gradley 28 Great Britain GBR
102 QR Ramón García 20 Spain ESP
103 QR Georgi Khristov 22 Bulgaria BUL
104 QR Stoyan Stoyanov 28 Bulgaria BUL
105 QR Enrique Montserrat 24 Spain ESP
106 QR Hermenegildo Candeias 26 Portugal POR
107 QR Marcel Coppin 32 Luxembourg LUX
108 QR Ismail Abdallah United Arab Republic UAR
109 QR Kim Sang-Guk 25 South Korea KOR
110T QR Ahmed Dakkeli United Arab Republic UAR
110T QR René Marteaux 31 Belgium BEL
112 QR Hubert Erang 29 Luxembourg LUX
113 QR John Mulhall 22 Great Britain GBR
114 QR Juan Caviglia 30 Argentina ARG
115 QR Ken Buffin 36 Great Britain GBR
116 QR Selim El-Sayed United Arab Republic UAR
117 QR Benjamin de Roo 20 Australia AUS
118 QR Graham Bond 23 Australia AUS
119 QR François Eisenbarth 32 Luxembourg LUX
120 QR Ahmed Issam Allam 28 United Arab Republic UAR
121 QR Léopold Desmet 25 Belgium BEL
122 QR Mohamed Sekkat Morocco MAR
123 QR Ahmed Fellat Morocco MAR
124 QR Darif Tanjaoui Morocco MAR
125 QR Abdesselem Regragui Morocco MAR
126 QR Peter Starling 35 Great Britain GBR
127 QR Miloud M'Sellek Morocco MAR
128 QR Anton Hertl 39 Austria AUT