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Fencing at the 1936 Berlin Summer Games:

Men's Sabre, Individual

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Host City: Berlin, Germany
Venue(s): House of Sports, Cupola Hall, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin; Sports Forum, Gymnastics Hall, Imperial Sports Field, Berlin
Date Started: August 14, 1936
Date Finished: August 15, 1936

Gold: HUN Endre Kabos
Silver: ITA Gustavo Marzi
Bronze: HUN Aladár Gerevich
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Sabre had long been a traditional Hungarian speciality and they had produced the Olympic champion every time they had competed since 1908. Therefore it came as no surprise when Hungarian fencers filled 3 of the top 4 positions at the Berlin Olympics. The 1936 Olympic champion was Endre Kabos, a member of the victorious Hungarian team in Los Angeles who had twice won the European Championships since then. Kabos was actually beaten in the final pool by silver medallist Gustavo Marzi of Italy but the Italian lost his chance of gold by losing two other bouts in the closing stage of the competition. The bronze medal went to future Olympic champion Aladár Gerevich, also of Hungary.

Kabos, who was Jewish, was killed in 1944 when an explosion from a pipe bomb that had been planted on the Margaret Bridge in Budapest by a Hungarian neo-fascist group exploded near where he was driving a munitions truck.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Endre Kabos 29 Hungary HUN Gold
2 Gustavo Marzi 27 Italy ITA Silver
3 Aladár Gerevich 26 Hungary HUN Bronze
4 László Rajcsányi 29 Hungary HUN
5 Vincenzo Pinton 22 Italy ITA
6 Giulio Gaudini 31 Italy ITA
7 Antoni Sobik 31 Poland POL
8 Josef Losert 28 Austria AUT
9 Robert Van Den Neucker 29 Belgium BEL
4 p1 r3/4 Oliver Trinder 28 Great Britain GBR
4 p2 r3/4 París Rodríguez 31 Uruguay URU
4 p3 r3/4 Władysław Segda 41 Poland POL
5 p1 r3/4 Marcel Faure 31 France FRA
5 p2 r3/4 Pieter van Wieringen 33 Netherlands NED
5 p3 r3/4 José Julián de la Fuente 32 Uruguay URU
6 p1 r3/4 Hubert Loisel 24 Austria AUT
6 p2 r3/4 Edward Gardère 27 France FRA
6 p3 r3/4 Dimitar Vasilev 32 Bulgaria BUL
4 p1 r2/4 Guy Harry 41 Great Britain GBR
4 p2 r2/4 Karl Sudrich 40 Austria AUT
4 p2 r2/4 Richard Wahl 29 Germany GER
4 p3 r2/4 August Heim 32 Germany GER
4 p4 r2/4 Vicente Krause 36 Argentina ARG
4 p5 r2/4 Władysław Dobrowolski 40 Poland POL
4 p6 r2/4 Frans Mosman 31 Netherlands NED
5 p3 r2/4 Aage Leidersdorff 26 Denmark DEN
5 p4 r2/4 Antonius Montfoort 33 Netherlands NED
5 p5 r2/4 John Huffman 31 United States USA
5 p6 r2/4 Robin Brook 28 Great Britain GBR
5T p1 r2/4 Eugène Laermans 26 Belgium BEL
5T p1 r2/4 Josef Benedik 38 Czechoslovakia TCH
6 p2 r2/4 Hervarth Frass von Friedenfeldt 23 Czechoslovakia TCH
6 p3 r2/4 Denis Dolecsko 32 Romania ROU
6 p4 r2/4 Nikolaos Manolesos Greece GRE
6 p5 r2/4 Julio Moreno 33 Chile CHI
6 p6 r2/4 Nicolae Marinescu 29 Romania ROU
5 p1 r1/4 Carmelo Bentancur 37 Uruguay URU
5 p2 r1/4 Efraín Díaz 32 Chile CHI
5 p2 r1/4 Jean Piot 46 France FRA
5 p3 r1/4 George Tully 21 Canada CAN
5 p4 r1/4 Camil Szatmary 27 Romania ROU
5 p5 r1/4 Bohuslav Kirchmann 34 Czechoslovakia TCH
5 p6 r1/4 Enver Balkan 34 Turkey TUR
5 p6 r1/4 Tomás Goyoaga 37 Chile CHI
5 p7 r1/4 Konstantinos Botasis Greece GRE
5 p8 r1/4 Ivar Tingdahl 42 Sweden SWE
5 p9 r1/4 Peter Bruder 28 United States USA
6 p1 r1/4 José Manuel Brunet 42 Argentina ARG
6 p3 r1/4 Norman Cohn-Armitage 29 United States USA
6 p4 r1/4 Hubert de Bèsche 25 Sweden SWE
6 p5 r1/4 Preben Christiansen 22 Denmark DEN
6 p7 r1/4 Don Collinge 26 Canada CAN
6 p8 r1/4 Carmelo Merlo 55 Argentina ARG
6 p9 r1/4 Ferdinando Alessandri 32 Brazil BRA
7 p1 r1/4 Menelaos Psarrakis Greece GRE
7 p2 r1/4 Bengt Ljungquist 23 Sweden SWE
7 p3 r1/4 Orhan Adaş 20 Turkey TUR
7 p4 r1/4 Adolf Stocker 42 Switzerland SUI
7 p5 r1/4 Fathallah Abdel Rahman 21 Egypt EGY
7 p6 r1/4 Charles Glasstetter 39 Switzerland SUI
7 p7 r1/4 Bernardo de la Guardia 36 Costa Rica CRC
7 p7 r1/4 Erik Hammer Sørensen 33 Denmark DEN
7 p8 r1/4 Pavao Pintarić 23 Yugoslavia YUG
7 p9 r1/4 Milivoj Radović 20 Yugoslavia YUG
8 p1 r1/4 Georges Heywaert 38 Belgium BEL
8 p2 r1/4 Cihat Teğin 20 Turkey TUR
8 p3 r1/4 Moacyr Dunham 27 Brazil BRA
8 p4 r1/4 Krešo Tretinjak 31 Yugoslavia YUG
8 p5 r1/4 Alphonse Ruckstuhl 34 Switzerland SUI
9 p2 r1/4 Charles Otis 30 Canada CAN
9 p4 r1/4 Ennio de Oliveira 24 Brazil BRA