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Tennis at the 1912 Stockholm Summer Games:

Men's Singles

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Host City: Stockholm, Sweden
Venue(s): Östermalm Sporting Grounds, Stockholm
Date Started: June 28, 1912
Date Finished: July 5, 1912
Format: Single-elimination tournament.

Gold: FRA André Gobert
RSA Charles Winslow
Silver: GBR Charles Dixon
RSA Harry Kitson
Bronze: GER Oscar Kreuzer
ANZ Tony Wilding


The 1912 Olympic Games began at 1315 on 5 May when Sweden’s Carl Kempe hit his first serve in his match with Jaroslav Hainz of Bohemia. The covered court competition had a much stronger field than the lawn tennis event which would occur almost two months later. The covered court event was not hampered by the concurrent competition at Wimbledon, which greatly weakened the lawn tennis events. In fact, the Stockholm covered court singles could claim one of the top international fields to date in men’s tennis. Although Tony Wilding was considered the top player in the world (see his record under lawn tennis men’s singles), he was defeated in the semi-finals by the British player, Charles Dixon. Dixon was favored in the final, but fell in straight sets to André Gobert of France. Gobert was the top French player in 1912, having replaced Max Décugis. Gobert was French singles champion in 1911 and 1920 and won the indoor French title in 1911-13 and again in 1920.

Final Standings

Rank Athlete Age Team NOC Medal
1 Charles Winslow 23 South Africa RSA Gold
1 André Gobert 21 France FRA Gold
2 Harry Kitson 37 South Africa RSA Silver
2 Charles Dixon 39 Great Britain GBR Silver
3 Oscar Kreuzer 24 Germany GER Bronze
3 Tony Wilding 28 Australasia ANZ Bronze
4 Ladislav Žemla 24 Bohemia BOH
4 Gordon Lowe 27 Great Britain GBR
5T Ludwig, Count von Salm-Hoogstraeten 27 Austria AUT
5T George Caridia 43 Great Britain GBR
5T Otto von Müller 36 Germany GER
5T Gunnar Setterwall 30 Sweden SWE
5T Luis Maria Heyden 18 Germany GER
5T Karel Robětín 23 Bohemia BOH
5T Arthur Zborzil 26 Austria AUT
5T Arthur Lowe 26 Great Britain GBR
9T Heinrich Schomburgk 26 Germany GER
9T Theodore Mavrogordato 28 Great Britain GBR
9T Charles Wennergren 23 Sweden SWE
9T Torsten Grönfors 23 Sweden SWE
9T Béla von Kehrling 21 Hungary HUN
9T Arthur Wentworth Gore 44 Great Britain GBR
9T Eric Tapscott 18 South Africa RSA
9T Maurice Germot 29 France FRA
9T Vagn Ingerslev 27 Denmark DEN
9T Carl Kempe 27 Sweden SWE
9T Roosevelt Pell 33 United States USA
9T Roper Barrett 38 Great Britain GBR
9T Josef Šebek 24 Bohemia BOH
9T Charles Wennergren 23 Sweden SWE
9T Mikhail Sumarokov-Elston 19 Russia RUS
16T Lennart Silfverstolpe 23 Sweden SWE
17T Frans Möller 25 Sweden SWE
16T Frans Möller 25 Sweden SWE
17T Robert Spiess 21 Germany GER
16T Hakon Leffler 25 Sweden SWE
17T Wollmar Boström 33 Sweden SWE
16T Wollmar Boström 33 Sweden SWE
17T Leif Rovsing 24 Denmark DEN
16T Alfred Beamish 32 Great Britain GBR
17T Victor Hansen 22 Denmark DEN
16T Erik Larsen 31 Denmark DEN
17T Jenő von Zsigmondy 22 Hungary HUN
16T Jaroslav Hainz 28 Bohemia BOH
17T Jean-François Blanchy 25 France FRA
17T Axel Thayssen 27 Denmark DEN
17T Torsten Grönfors 23 Sweden SWE
17T Aurél von Kelemen 24 Hungary HUN
17T Albert Canet 34 France FRA
17T Noble Stibolt 21 Norway NOR
17T Karel Robětín 23 Bohemia BOH
17T Gunnar Setterwall 30 Sweden SWE
31T Hakon Leffler 25 Sweden SWE
31T Jaroslav Just 29 Bohemia BOH
31T Trygve Smith 31 Norway NOR
31T Richard Peterson 28 Norway NOR
31T Jaromír Zeman 25 Bohemia BOH
31T Ove Frederiksen 27 Denmark DEN
31T Bohuslav Hykš 22 Bohemia BOH
31T Fritz Felix Piepes 25 Austria AUT
31T Aage Madsen 28 Denmark DEN
31T Peter Frigast 22 Denmark DEN
31T Jørgen Arenholt 35 Denmark DEN
31T Édouard Mény de Marangue 29 France FRA
31T Leó von Baráth 20 Hungary HUN
31T Conrad Langaard 21 Norway NOR
31T Curt Benckert 24 Sweden SWE
31T Otto Blom 25 Netherlands NED
31T Herman Bjørklund 29 Norway NOR
48T Jiří Kodl 23 Bohemia BOH
48T Paul Lindpaintner 28 Germany GER