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Takuji Nakamura

Full name: Takuji Nakamura
Original name: 中村 琢二
Gender: Male
Born: April 1, 1897 in Aikawa, Niigata, Japan
Died: January 31, 1988 in Kanazawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Country: JPN Japan
Sport: Art Competitions


Takuji Nakamura was born to a father who worked as a mining engineer for a gold and silver mine on Sado island (formerly Aikawa prefecture), off the NW coast of Honshu. Nakamura’s elder brother Kenichi also became a well-known painter. In 1899, the family moved to Niihama in the Ehime Prefecture. In 1906 he lived with his grandparents in the Fukuoka prefecture, where he graduated from the prefectural school, and where he joined the painting club, which was devoted to studying western painting.

At university, Nakamura had to drop out due to health reasons. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Department of Economics at the Tokyo Imperial University, studying English law, and graduating in 1924. Motivated by the success of his brother, who came back from studies in France, Nakamura studied painting under Yōga master Yasui Sōtarō. When the latter founded the independent Issui-kai group, Takuji Nakamura participated in their exhibitions with considerable success.

In 1941, Nakamura received an award at the official 4th Shin-Bunten Exhibition. The following year, he became a member of the Ichisuikai art group and, some years later, was made a committee member. After the end of World War II Nakamura continued to win prizes at various exhibitions including the Japanese Art Academy Prize. In 1965, he was awarded the prestigious Kongju Medal. Later, he was invited to become a member of the Art Academy and one of the advisors for the Nitten Exhibitions. Takuji Nakamura mainly produced landscapes and portraits in a gentle style with neutral colors showing clarity of composition.


Games Age City Sport Event Team NOC Rank Medal
1936 Summer 39 Berlin Art Competitions Mixed Painting, Unknown Event Japan JPN AC

Mixed Painting, Unknown Event

Games Age City Sport Country Phase Unit Rank Title
1936 Summer 39 Berlin Art Competitions Japan Final Standings AC Hellebaride
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